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There’s one thing interesting with women fashion trends—they change so fast, that it can be a challenge to keep up. Also, women have different tastes, which makes the fashion industry very diverse. Just like all other years, 2020 has not disappointed us. There are numerous fashion trends that we’ve seen most women wearing, and you should try that too. With that, let’s look at the top 5 greatest women fashion trends in 2020. 

The oversized shoulder pads blazers 

Today, the 80’s fashion styles are slowly making their way back, and we can confirm this with the return of the oversized shoulder pad jackets for women. These jackets have broad shoulders, which create the impression of a tiny waist—something all women long for. 

This is an amazing trend ideal for different occasions—you can wear it when going to work, when running your daily errands, or when going out for brunch. Styling this outfit with a slinky skirt, cigarette trousers, or boyfriend jeans will make heads turn. All in all, this style has limitless opportunities, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. 

The black face masks

2020 has seen the introduction of a very amazing fashion accessory—the face mask. So, if you choose to wear a face mask to protect yourself, just do it beautifully. And, one way to do that is to choose the sleek black face masks, as they can match almost all your outfits. Moreover, these masks will cover both your nose and mouth accordingly. 

When choosing the mask, go for the ones with silky fabric, as they will make it easier for you to breathe. If that’s not the case, choose a mask with some trimmings in case you want to feel fancy. The most interesting thing with the black face mask is their unlimited styling opportunities. You can wear your different outfits, from color-blocking suites to pop colors, and still get that exceptional appearance. From a simple traditional shape to an accordion-style, you have numerous choices that will keep you and your loved ones safe. 

The fluorescent turtlenecks

Neon has become a game-changer in today’s fashion industry. So, you can choose radiant fluorescence and keep yourself warm with a neon turtleneck. Paring it with a camel or dark-colored ensemble will produce a fluorescent shade that will make you stand out among your peers. Whenever possible, go for green, pink, or yellow, as this is an amazing trend that will give your outfit a fresh twist and zest. Fluorescent turtlenecks present an amazing way for you to brighten your wardrobe, especially during the cold season. Besides, they are ideal for all skin tones, and will definitely make a statement. 

Head scarfs

In 2020, we have seen the amazing fashion trend of head scarfs making its way back to the fashion industry—and this borrows its inspiration from the mid-50s and 60s. Headscarves play an important role in today’s fashion industry, as they allow women to protect their hair, as well as add an amazing finishing touch to their outfit. The good thing is—headscarves won’t make you look like you are overdoing your outfit. 

When buying a headscarf, go for one with intricate patterns or floral motifs, or keep it basic with block letters and bold colors. When styling with a headscarf, you can let it hang off the back of your head or wrap it under your chin, with a loose knot. If not so, you can mix up things, by wrapping the scarf around your neck or letting it hang from your bag. Making your outfit stand out has never been this easy with this classic outfit. 

Faux leather boiler suits and jumpsuits

You can elevate your wardrobe by adding a few leather jumpsuits or boilersuits. These are edgy and versatile one-piece outfits, which act as a complete outfit from one clothing. Besides, they are ideal for any event—and you won’t feel under- or over-dressed. 

You can unleash you with an all-pink outfit, or keep it cool with an all-black outfit for a biker-chick appearance. To complete this outfit, wear stunning sandals or boots, and a belt bag, and you will be ready to make heads turn when you hit the streets.

Bottom Line

With that said, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good in these outfits. Most women tend to buy their outfits at designer stores, which can be very costly. However, choosing to shop at outlet stores, such as the designer outlet store, VIA Jurmala can save you a lot of money, and still help you get unique outfits that stand out. 

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