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5 Home Remedies to Say Goodbye to Cockroaches Once and For All

Cockroaches are the most stubborn pests in households around the world. How do you get rid of cockroaches? You need an efficient cockroach spray that will do a thorough job once and for all.

An average roach ranges from one-half to 3 inches and it is attracted to your home for a variety of reasons. In the United States, there are three types of roaches- the American, Oriental and German roach. The German roach feeds on water and food and it is the most common roach in most households. Limiting access to food and water is one way of reducing the prevalence of cockroaches in your house. Proper food storage is also an excellent way of cutting off the food supply from a possible roach infestation.

The methods mentioned above are viable but not long lasting. To get rid of cockroaches, you need a permanent solution. Cockroaches need shelter too, so they will always find a home in your house if you are slow in taking the necessary precautions. Roaches multiply at a fast rate increasing the chances of spreading bacteria and ultimately threatening your health.

Effective roach eradication needs a treatment plan that is long lasting. Roaches are a stubborn kind and if you dilly dally in your precautionary methods, they will crawl back into your living space.

Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches

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Use Glue Traps and baits to Identify Hiding Areas

Cockroaches thrive in dark places around the house like cabinets, behind the refrigerator, under the sink, door corners and shelves. Use a flashlight to cast a spotlight on their favorite hiding spots then set glue traps also known as adhesives to sniff them out. Baits are usually in the form of food that lures cockroaches from their hiding places.

This inspection will help you identify where tofocus your treatment for maximum results. Once roaches crawl into these traps they cannot crawl back out. The traps are laced with pesticides that can be toxic when ingested by children. Traps should be placed in concealed places away from the reach of children.

Cockroaches can develop resistance for baits and so it is advisable to alternate the types of baits. Rotating pesticide products helps reduce the risk of roach resistance or aversion.


Close Gaps to Prevent Further Infestation

As long as there are crevices in your house, cockroaches will invade your home again. Closing gaps is a great way of preventing a possible break-in. Caulk is an excellent sealant for any entry point and it will help decimate roach population. Permanently sealing openings destroys cockroaches’ natural habitat and thereby starving them access to food, water and shelter.


Aerosol Sprays, also known as roach bombs offer a quick solution to the problem of cockroach infestation. Most sprays are easily available because they can be purchased over the counter. They are mixed with water and using a compressor sprayer they can be applied to the areas in which roaches are thriving.

When dealing with cockroach sprays read label directions and handle with care. They have a pungent smell that can be uncomfortable and toxic. When used improperly, sprays can cause house fires or explosion. As with other remedies, follow instructions on the label and keep away from children and pests. Sprays can cause allergic reactions and other respiratory complications if you fail to handle with care.


Dust penetrates cracks and is efficient in repelling cockroaches, relegating them to less accessible or untreated areas. To increase its effectiveness, dust should not be applied on wet surfaces especially when used with residual sprays. The powders are blown into roach infested areas

Boric acid, a chemical found in soil, is an ingredient in cockroach dusts. Dust sticks on the bodies and legs of insects. How dust works is byattacking the nervous system of roaches and also by causing dehydration on arthropods. Dust takes a few days before you can notice any significant improvements.

Home Sanitation

Removing things that attract cockroaches can do a great deal of curbing roach menace. Adhering to strict sanitary practices like cleaning food debris, removing trash and cleaning dirty dishes can help keep cockroaches away. Cockroaches scavenge for food and water, and ensuring that these things are in short supply can keep them at bay.

There is no single treatment that is a magic bullet to the threat of roaches. A variety of methods exist to exterminate and you can combine them to achieve maximum results.

Put measures in place to curb roach menace before it spirals out of control. Different cockroach products work better than others and you can choose a product depending on your environment and the size of infestation. Roach spray is one of the most effective ways of eradicating the pests from your house but you can also contact a cockroach control expert for professional advice.

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