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A move to Buckeye, Arizona is an exciting move as the city ranks high with respect to quality of life. Not only is this western metro city in the Phoenix area fast-growing, but it also offers amenities for families and singles–younger and older–alike.


Researchers have found that the quality of life in Buckeye scores 75% on the livability meter. That is because the city of about 60,000 residents offers several benefits that are too good to ignore.


These five factors include education, the weather, crime, the cost of living, and attractions and activities. When you review. Buckeye neighborhoods, all  the communities rank high in this regard. Let’s look at these perks further in-depth.

1. School Districts and Educational Choices

When choosing a neighborhood in Buckeye, you need to scrutinize the schools if you have kids or teens. Regardless of the community, Buckeye schools do well in the national standings. Ratings are based on student-to-teacher percentages, overall school enrollment, reviews of parents and students, testing, and graduation percentages.

Tartesso Buckeye Elementary School

For instance, the school district of Saddle Mountain is home to the Tartesso Buckeye, AZ Elementary School, which features learning for Kindergarten to fifth grade. The student ratio is 16:1, which makes the school stand out like many of the schools in the Buckeye area. Enrollment, at this time, is about 550.


If you are conducting a home search online and have kids, review the schools first so you can choose the neighborhoods that fall within your preferred school district.

2. The Weather and Temperatures

If you live anywhere in the Phoenix area, the weather is pleasant in the winter, as glacial winds won’t chill you at night and the sun’s rays will warm you on cooler days. Winter daytime temperatures average around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


While it can get hot in the summer, you won’t have to contend with slick and icy roads or shoveling snow when temperatures start to drop.


3. The Crime Rate

When assessing the crime rate in Buckeye, you will find all the neighborhoods in the city provide safe havens for residents. When compared to other cities in the U.S. the crime rates in Buckeye are about 30% lower, on average.

4. The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Buckeye  is affordable as well.  Communities in Buckeye feature housing costs that are around 16% lower than what they are nationally.


In addition, Buckeye residents pay about 5% less, on average,  for utilities than other U.S. residents. Bus transportation and gas costs are also about 9% less than what other people pay in the U.S. What you pay at the grocery is around 3% under the amount of what other U.S. customers pay.

5. Attractions and Activities

All the neighborhoods in Buckeye are close to several attractions and fun activities. You have several options, including:


  • The Desert Botanical Garden
  • The White Tank Mountain Regional Park
  • The Verrado Golf Club
  • The Robbins Butte Wildlife Area
  • Skyline Regional Park


Whether you want to play golf, hike, camp, or view wildlife, you can do it in Buckeye.

In Summary

While performing a Buckeye home search, keep the above information in mind. Doing so will help you narrow your home choices so you can find a home that fits your budget as well as your interests and goals.

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