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When you think about what makes your leaflet campaigns successful, there are many possible answers. For some people, it is more about the design and content. Others, however, tend to consider the distribution aspect more important. The truth is that both designing and distribution matters when you are designing a leaflet campaign. There is a lot more to it than just the pricing for leaflet distribution London and similar cities as well as what you are going to pay to the designer.

Individuals tend to pay attention to designing and content of the flyers. However, what they neglect is the impact of appropriate leaflet distribution. So, here are some tips to keep in your mind as you distribute your leaflets.

Compact design

A leaflet that cannot get fit into the pocket must not be considered. It is important to design small and compact flyers. Many people argue that they are unable to fit the content appropriately or convey their message as the space is pretty less. But the thing with smaller design is that it can easily be carried along. People are likely to put the flyers in their pockets or wallets. In some cases, you may see a few ladies putting the pamphlets in their bags.

Therefore, make sure that your design is compact. For the purpose, if you think that the credit card size is a bit too small, try going for an A5 or A6 paper. A3 is another common option for leaflets. However, the last thing you want from a person receiving your leaflet is to drop it as he can’t fit it in his pocket.

Sponsor events

A common way to distribute the leaflets and convey your messages is to sponsor an event. You don’t need to pay a lot of effort in gathering the right audience for your leaflets. Just organize an event and take a look at the people who show up. Certainly, they are connected to your business one way or the other. So, sponsoring an event gives you a chance to show off your brand and its message.

Also, you can distribute the leaflets among the audience without any trouble. There won’t be any restriction from the administration too as you are the sponsor.

Your timing is key

The timing of your leaflet distribution is another key element in the success of your campaign. A lot of companies go with the pre-event or post event leaflet distribution. On the other hand, some businesses like to advertise in holidays and certain seasons.

So, you need to consider timing in concern with your business. The more on point you are with your timing the better you are able to market your products. While you can spread leaflets at any time of the year, it just lowers the impact of your marketing which ultimately means less business.

Leaflet inserts make a great option

It is not necessary that you should go with the hand to hand distribution of your leaflets. You can always find some trustworthy publications with good audience and insert your leaflets within the papers and magazines. A pro tip here is to consider the leaflet distribution London cost and take a look at it in contrast with the publication insert price.

Distributing by hand gives you an edge to send your message directly to the individuals. However, if you go for publications, it increases the authority and trustworthiness of your business. So, in the end, it is all a matter of choice and preference.

Leaflets with discounts

Companies place offers and coupon codes in their leaflets. It is to make the flyer more relevant and capturing for individuals. There is hardly anything than a discount which captures the attention of a person. So, if you are looking to make your pamphlet more relevant and assure that people read the content, place an offer.

Also, you will find less pamphlets being wasted because people try to keep the discounts and use them later when needed.


Whenever you are distributing leaflets, make sure that you give it to relevant individuals. Else, it is likely that people will throw them away which means a waste of money for your business. If you are having a tough time with distribution, you can always consider taking services from a leaflet distributor.


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