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Must-Have Features You Must Look For in Table Fans

An air conditioner is the best cooling solution available to beat the scorching summer heat, but running an air conditioner 24 by 7 means paying hefty energy bills. So, the next best thing to air conditioners is to bring home a personalized cooling solution. Well, we are talking about a table fan that you can use as your personal cooling device. And while table fans look small and compact they are quite powerful. The best part is that when used with an air conditioner they can help boost its cooling and even help you reduce your electricity bills. So if you don’t have a table fan already, here are a few benefits of bringing home a table fan. Also, we have listed a couple of important features that you should keep in mind when buying a table fan

1.  Lightweight and portable

As you would know one of the most important reasons why people buy a table fan is that unlike ceiling fans or wall fans its not fixed, and can be easily moved from one location to another. A table fan should therefore be lightweight. We suggest that you go with a table fan from Luminous India as they are easily portable and can be installed anywhere you like, be it your office cabin or your kitchen top.

2. Compact and Space efficient

Another benefit that table fans offer is that they take up very little space. So when shopping for a table fan make sure it is small and compact. Buy one keeping in mind how much space you would have to spare if you were to place your table fan on a kitchen top or your study/office table.

3. Powerful Air Delivery

Many people buy table fans because they offer personalized cooling. You can also place a table fan alongside an air conditioner to boost your AC’s cooling. Make sure you check the specifications of a table fan for its air delivery before you buy one. And if you want the best results, choose one with higher air delivery, even if it costs a little more than one with lower air delivery. 

4. Swing Feature

Tables come with a unique oscillation feature that allows the fan to oscillate 180 degrees. So let us say you want to boost your AC’s cooling and ensure a uniform air delivery, a table fan with an oscillation feature would come in handy in this respect. Similarly, if you are sitting in a room where more than a few people are sitting together, you can use the oscillation feature to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the cool breeze delivered by the table fan. 

5. Energy Efficient

Last but not the least, a table fan should be energy efficient. And with the electricity rates exponentially rising, it is all the more important to buy an energy-efficient table fan. Also, remember that it’s always advisable to buy an energy-efficient fan even if it costs more than a standard fan. That’s because the extra amount you pay for an energy-efficient fan will get adjusted in your monthly energy bills within a matter of a few months. 

Bring home a table fan today.

Now that you know what features you need to look for in a table fan, you should not procrastinate your table fan buying decision any further. And just in case you are not sure about which is the best table fan available in the market, we suggest you check out the wide range of table fans that Luminous India has to offer. 


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