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5 Not-to-miss Criteria When Choosing a Full-Body Massage Chair

A full-body massage chair is a highly effective product for relaxing the mind and enhancing bone and joint health. To choose a satisfying full-body massage chair for your loved ones and friends, don’t skip the following 5 criteria:

1. Durable Material

Currently, massage chairs are primarily made from two main materials: genuine leather and synthetic leather. Real-world experience shows that synthetic leather tends to be softer, providing an excellent sense of relaxation during use. It can be observed that synthetic leather, particularly high-quality PU leather, is an optimal choice as it offers comfort, breathability, and ease of maintenance and use. On the other hand, genuine leather is sturdier but requires more complex maintenance, especially in hot and humid climates like Vietnam.

2. Modern Features

Massage chairs in general come with basic features including full-body relaxation massage, deep neck and shoulder massage, back and waist massage, stretching, joint lubrication stimulation, and more. Moreover, modern massage chairs also possess some advanced features such as:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for relaxation with music.
  • Body Scan mode to adjust the chair’s dimensions according to the body’s measurements.
  • Wall-hugging mode for usage in various spaces, even in small bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Zero-gravity mode to enhance blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and minimize the risk of stroke.
  • Water wave massage for hip care, focusing on the hip and spine to prevent bone and joint disorders.

Based on your intended usage, you can choose a massage chair with suitable features. If you are younger, a chair with basic functions might suffice for your relaxation needs. However, if you’re considering a massage chair for the entire family, one with advanced and modern features will be more appropriate.

3. Roller and Airbag Design

In massage chairs, the design of rollers and airbags are two crucial components that determine the pressure applied to the body’s contact areas. The gentle combination of roller movements and airbag compression provides an exceptional feeling of relaxation during chair use. To maximize the area being cared for, prioritize the following roller designs:

  • 3D and 4D technology rollers flexibly adjust their massage movements, delivering a realistic sensation to the user.
  • Infrared sensor rollers that emit infrared rays around 2-3mm deep, naturally warming the body and enhancing the therapeutic effect on bone and joint issues.
  • Long L-shaped rollers that expand the contact area, ensuring the best experience for users.

Additionally, choose a massage chair with 40 or more airbags evenly distributed across the chair’s surface. These airbags cater to various body parts like the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, and calves, providing comprehensive relaxation and health care. For more information about the benefits of airbags in massage chairs, refer to this article.

4. Clear Warranty Policy

A transparent warranty and return policy enables easy exchange, repair, or replacement of massage chairs due to mechanical or functional issues on the manufacturer’s end, ensuring consumer rights. Conversely, be cautious of products with unclear origins, sources, and warranty policies. These products are often widely sold online at significantly lower prices than those available in physical stores or commercial centers. Another distinguishing characteristic of such products is their constant discounts, not just during special occasions like April 30th, Christmas, New Year, or September 2nd.

5. Reputable Brand

Most products from reputable brands come with clear origins, sources, and numerous price offers. Maxcare is one of the long-standing brands that specialize in distributing full-body massage chairs from brands such as Family Inada, OHCO, D.Core, and Inada Dreamwave. To experience the products firsthand, you can visit MaxCare Home’s distribution network or visit Ghe massage toan than Nhat Ban for more information about Maxcare’s massage chair models.

Through this article, it is hoped that you’ve gained insight into the unmissable criteria when selecting a massage chair for your loved ones and family. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below the article, and we’ll address them as soon as possible!

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