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Tips in Choosing a Leather Bag

Spotting the ultimate leather bag may be a challenging task considering today’s wide variety of leather bags available on the market.

Taking into account numerous factors like function, size, color, style, price, and finish, makes the whole process of choosing a leather bag more overwhelming. Thus, it is vital to seek out tips prior to making the eventful purchase.

Place of Origin

In most cases, the quality of the leather bag is determined by its place of origin. Countries like England, Italy, France, and the United States.

You should be meticulous when choosing and should eye premium leather wherein the tanning and hide selection are all done in countries with a great reputation when it comes to quality leather.

Durability and Handiwork

Great leather bags are manufactured from the best quality leathers. Leather bags are meticulous works of art that are carefully put together by experts.

The grain is vital when choosing the right leather bag. Although the most enduring bags are made from full-grain leather, top-grain leather can also be a substitute that works and is also more cost-efficient.


In purchasing a leather bag, you should scrutinize all its parts and if it is of good quality. It is always a good habit to inspect the details on the bag’s every side.

Some of the hardware you should thoroughly check are the handles, buckles, locks, zipper, shoulder strap fitting, and metallic rings. Concurrently, leather bags from ToccoToscano Singapore have some of the best hardware in the industry.

Tanning Procedure

There are two strategies for tanning leather which you should think about, that influence the cost and life of the handmade leather bag.

The primary procedure is chrome tanning which should be possible in two days and finished with synthetic substances, making the leather bags and adornments modest..

The second process is vegetable tanning, a natural process actually involved in the making of handmade vintage leather bags and accessories.

Type of Leather

Like jackets and leather shoes, you should pick out a bag which is manufactured from full grain leather. Full grain leather is of top-quality and will look more incredible after being used for a long time.

Leathers are considered the best when they finally gain an aesthetic weathered and polished appearance called patina which leather acquires over the years.

Thus, you should always remember that the more evident the patina, the greater the quality of the leather. You also cannot get an attractive patina through second-rate grades or immensely treated leather.


A leather bag or briefcase is a significant bit of gear that you will utilize day in day out. This is the reason it is an absolute necessity that you take extraordinary consideration when acquiring your very own leather bag.

Handmade leather bags are known for their solidness and durability yet the correct kind must be picked so as to get the best an incentive for cash.

Apart from being a utility, it is also an attractive sidekick for you and places like leather bags gallery help you in getting the most appropriate and efficient sidekick for you.

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