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5 Popular Types of Homes You Should Know About

Houses are more than just a roof to sleep under, they provide us with security, privacy, and comfort. A home is where we build our memories and our lives. From the walls that keep us safe to the warmth of a kitchen while cooking with family, houses help create the home we all desire. Houses also serve as a foundation for our lives — a safe place to grow and explore without fear or judgment. Different homeowners have different tastes when it comes to the architectural styling of a home – and in this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the most popular home styles.

1. Contemporary Homes

Contemporary-styled homes are characterized by sleek, modern lines and open floor plans. They often feature large windows to maximize natural light and contemporary furniture, as well as contemporary artwork, to provide a sense of style and sophistication. The best home builders in Australia can build the contemporary home of your dreams. 

In addition, contemporary design may incorporate energy-efficient materials such as bamboo flooring, double-paned windows, tankless water heaters, and high-efficiency lighting. Contemporary-styled homes also typically feature contemporary outdoor living spaces, such as decks and patios.

2. Cottage Homes

Cottage-styled homes are a popular housing style and come with many attractive features. These houses typically have an inviting cottage-like feel and feature cozy interiors, often decorated in a rustic style. Exteriors of cottage homes tend to be characterized by gables, dormers, shutters, wrap-around porches, stone accents, and cottage-style gardens. 

Cottage homes are often small but have plenty of charm, and they provide a cozy atmosphere that makes them great for small families. They also offer a unique style that sets them apart from other types of houses. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when building your house.

3.Townhouse Homes

Townhouse-styled homes are a popular form of town-centered living. Generally, townhouses are two or three stories tall, connected to other townhouses in a row. They typically have smaller front and back yards than single-family homes but may offer more spacious interiors with multiple floors. Townhouses can provide the convenience of town living without the hefty price tag of a single-family home.

4. Victorian Styled Houses

Victorian-styled houses are a popular architectural style that began in the mid-19th century during the reign of Queen Victoria. These homes often feature elaborate ornamentation, intricate details, and a variety of ornamental features that make them easily recognizable. Some of these features include steeply pitched roofs, tall narrow windows, wrap-around porches, and turrets. Victorian homes also often feature asymmetrical floor plans with multiple levels and rooms, as well as a variety of materials including wood, stone, and brick.

5. Cape Cod Houses

Cape Cod-styled houses are a type of dwelling that is characterized by its steep roof, central chimney, and symmetrical façade. The design originated in the colonial period of New England and was popularized in the 1920s when cape cod homes were among the most built designs. These homes have an iconic look to them due to their symmetrical shape, large windows, and a white paint scheme that was traditionally used to reflect the sun’s heat.


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