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  • Are you an Ecommerce entrepreneur looking to increase sales and revenues for your new business?
  • Do you know of some strategies, which can improve exposure, build credibility and increase reach?
  • Have you tried looking at some proven tips, which require low investments to get your business up and running?


As an industry, Ecommerce is registering double-digit growths for the last five-odd years. The world’s richest man runs the biggest Ecommerce platform in the world. However, even though it is lucrative, running a successful Ecommerce venture is not an easy task. 

With so many businesses as competition, it can be difficult and overwhelming to get regular sales for revenue generation. In this article, we look at five proven ways to help turn your venture into a success. 

Why most Ecommerce Entrepreneurs are turning to Digital for Success?

In the past few years, digital marketing has really come into its own. It has established itself as a strategy, which has shown immense potential for generating sales and revenues for businesses, irrespective of their niche. 

One more reason for many businesses relying on digital is the presence of their target audiences on digital platforms. Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing all over the world. Consumers are researching products and brands on search engines and social media. 

Digital also becomes lucrative as a medium for small businesses as it is more affordable as a medium. In addition, you can track data, check progress, as well as do course-correction without the dangers of accumulating too many wastages. 

List of 5 Proven Ways to help your Ecommerce improve Sales and Revenues

1.Social Media Marketing- 

For many small businesses, social media constitutes the only form of marketing and advertising, which they engage with. Using three or four social platforms and being active in terms of posting, helps Ecommerce businesses drive traffic from social media to their websites. This helps in improving sales and generating revenues directly from social media. 

2. Ecommerce SEO- 

Maintaining the health of your Ecommerce website is essential for success. Brands should invest in improving the metrics of their Ecommerce website to increase organic reach. It also helps brands rank for keywords and improve their rankings on search. Ecommerce SEO is different from traditional SEO and you should make sure that the agency knows about this. 

3. Inventory Optimization- 

While many small Ecommerce businesses, do not concentrate on this, it is a great way to improve efficiency. Knowing how the goods are moving, will help in optimizing deliveries and add to customer satisfaction. It is important for brands to take note of their inventory optimization to improve the overall customer experience and add value. 

4. Selecting Delivery Partners- 

Anyone running an Ecommerce business knows how important the right delivery partners are. You need to make sure that your delivery partner offers cash on delivery options for your business and customers. You also need to prod them for reducing delivery timings and being cordial during the deliveries to your customers. This helps in improving repeat orders. 

5. Review Platforms-

Many people are increasingly taking help from review platforms and forums like Quora, Reddit and Medium to research brands. It is important to intelligently seed content and help people generate a positive opinion about your brands. Once you are able to gain success, and have multiple link backs to your website, you will start seeing an increase in sales volumes. 

The Final Word

Many entrepreneurs try to do too much and end up diluting their focus and concentration. If you just follow the five points mentioned in the article, you will start seeing a lot of difference in not only your sales, but your branding and exposure as well. Can you list some other strategies, which can be effective for Ecommerce businesses? Let us know below. 

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