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Are you considering the lease option in Atlanta? If yes, then it is better to do some research, then make the final decision. There are many companies in Atlanta offering a similar lease to own program, however, you cannot consider them all. And to find the right lease option, you need to ask your real estate agent the following questions:

How Your Lease to Own Program Is Structured?

Many people say that all lease to own programs is more or less the same. However, when it comes to signing the lease to own contract, even a slight difference matters. It is better to ask the lease to own program structure from your real estate agent who represents the company that is providing you with lease to own program. For instance, Dream America offers its lease option in Atlanta. According to this program, the customer has to pay some upfront amount. The remaining purchase price of the property is credited from the monthly rent. Also, the client pays the purchase price that is still left when the contract ends.

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How Is the House Market in My State?

The market of the house can vary from one state to the next. You should ask your real estate agent about the house market. The right time to sign the contract is when it is the buyer’s market. It means the number of houses in the market is more than the number of buyers. When buyers are less, the price of the homes will automatically be affordable. So, it is in your favour to look for a buyer’s market and ask your real estate agent about the market before you finally decide anything.

Do I Need to Inspect Home?

When you are purchasing the home on the lease, you need to think about the home inspection. Many real estate companies cover home inspection. However, it is better to ask your real estate agent that if the real estate company covers the home inspection or not. Remember this, the home inspection is very important before you purchase the home.

Who Will Bear the Home Maintenance Charges?

The lease time is not for a few days or weeks rather it extends to months and years. So, it is quite a long time and properties need maintenance with time. You must think about the home maintenance charges during the lease period. Real estate companies provide their customers with real estate agents who assist throughout the process of the lease to own program. If the company offering you lease to own program does not cover maintenance charges, then you should ask the real estate agent to cover the maintenance charges because almost all companies cover the charges for property maintenance.

Will I Get the Option of Contract Renewal?

In some cases, the buyer fails to arrange the remaining purchase price of the home. When a real estate company does not offer the option to renew the contract, there is not an option for the buyer but to get the contract cancelled and get nothing. He has to leave the amount paid initially and get out out of the contract. So, it is better to negotiate with the real estate company and get it written in the contract that lease to own contract can be renewed. So that you may not face any problem if you fail to arrange the remaining purchase price of the property that you are about to buy.

If you are looking for a lease option in Atlanta, then Dream America offers its lease to own program. Their program is reliable, you can negotiate the terms and conditions with their experts to finalise the contract.

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