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Are you looking for forklift attachments? Many experts believe the Clark Company invented the first fork truck in 1917, and today’s units have the same general functionality. If you want to adjust a fork truck’s length temporarily, then you should consider forklift slippers. They can provide various benefits in terms of certain forklift applications and others.

Here are some of the main characteristics of these forklift attachments:


A forklift extension slipper is one of the various attachments for fork trucks that you can add to the heavy equipment. There are various kinds of forklift extensions that increase the forklift’s length or width. This provides the ability to carry longer/wider loads.

The “slipper” extension is named as such because it slips over the existing tines that are pin-secured. The general rule for picking a slipper is the tine’s length should cover two-thirds of the slipper’s length.


It’s important to secure the forklift slipper properly to the fork truck. This should be based on the manufacturer’s instructions to provide good functionality and safety.

The manufacturer also provides hardware required to secure the slipper to the forklift tines. This includes different items like pins and chains.


It’s critical to secure the forklift attachment safety to reduce risks and improve results. There are various steps to can take to help ensure that the slipper is attached and used properly:

  • Be aware of how the attachment affects the forklift’s overall operation.
  • Provide fork truck operators with instructions about how to install and use slippers.
  • Use forklift attachments for certain tasks.
  • Know how the extension affects lift capacity and stability.
  • Use the right attachment for particular tasks.
  • Secure the slipper correctly.
  • Verify that the slipper is appropriate for your equipment.
  • Check if you need to de-rate forklift capacity when using slippers.
  • Provide attachment’s safety info and rated capacity.


When selecting a slipper extension the attachment’s rating must also be compatible with the forklift. This information is provided by the manufacturer of forklift attachments.

It’s also important to check for other attachment info, including the capacity and capabilities. This helps to make sure you’re getting the most functionality from the slipper.


You can experience various benefits when using forklift extensions like a slipper, including the following ones:


This is a major benefit of fork truck slippers when you have several load shapes and sizes. In that situation, it’s much easier to use a forklift extension to handle the different kinds of loads.

Space Saving

This is important when working with particular loads like double-deep pallet racks. It can be a major benefit when operating fork trucks in areas like warehouses when products are constantly added and removed. Space-saving options can help to improve the warehouse’s efficiency.

Trailer Loading/Unloading

The process becomes more efficient when you can load or unload from one side. This helps to reduce time required and labour costs, while boosting safety.

Multiple Pallets

You can load/unload multiple pallets, which helps to provide 50% time savings and make your work more efficient. This is critical when you must complete loading/unloading within a certain timeframe.

When picking fork truck attachments, one of the most versatile ones is forklift slippers. This provides a simple, convenient, and safe way to increase the forklift capacity in terms of length and width. That, in turn, could make your work more efficient, and your company more profitable.

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