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Shoe Drive

Have you ever wanted to make a difference, but didn’t know how? A shoe drive is your perfect solution!

Make a difference in the world at no extra cost.

A shoe drive is probably one of the easiest and most effective fundraisers one could initiate. It doesn’t cost you anything at all and literally, everyone can do it! It doesn’t always have to be a company, a shop or neither a large welfare organization that organizes a fundraiser, as you can host a shoe drive yourself right at your very own doorstep. Furthermore, you could turn a shoe drive into a project at school or your sports club. All you have to do is to get in touch with Angel Bins and get the word out to your friends and family.

Parents can organize shoe drives in their neighborhood and collect shoes from their family for a good cause. If you’re a parent, get your children involved in the project and let them distribute some posters. Your children are certainly free to create their own posters and signs for bins, but we provide you with everything you may need. Posters, stickers, collection bins, rubber bands – you name it. All you have to do is to drop us a message and pick them up. Once your shoe drive is done, we’ll collect all the shoes you have collected from your community within 24 hours.

Time effective fundraising

To organize a shoe drive, you don’t even have to invest as much time. You only need to get a few volunteers on board. The more you are, the more efficient you can promote your shoe drive. With three or more people on board, putting up posters around your community would be a breeze! You’d most likely be done within an hour or two. Start by setting up your timeline.

Promote your shoe drive a fortnight ahead and offer people the chance to donate their unused shoes for three days. Spread the word via social media and even that doesn’t take up too much of your time. It’s just a few clicks to share the info in local groups and among your friends. Your team members could also engage in promoting the shoe drive online to make more people aware of your amazing plans. And you know how it goes as soon someone else sees or likes your post, it gets shared and is seen by even more people. It’d certainly be great if one of your teams was at the collection point once the day has come, but a simple poster would also do. None of you has to stand in the rain or cold all day.

Protect the environment

Do you know how many pairs of shoes are thrown out into the bin every year? It’s millions! Americans alone bin more than 300 million pairs of shoes each year. Most of those shoes could still be worn. Quite a few people simply bin their hardly or never worn shoes as they’re out of fashion. Or they don’t like the color anymore. Or they realized they don’t fit as well and are right out uncomfortable. The reasons as to why could be endless. Thus all those shoes end up in a landfill and take ages to break down while they simply add up to the huge pile of garbage.

Unfortunately, our modern society is shaped in a way to keep buying new stuff and as soon it’s not further needed, to throw it out without a second thought. Few consider the opportunity to give their shoes to someone else who could still wear them. Believe it or not, many people also just pile up unworn shoes in their homes and keep buying new ones without remembering the shoes they have in their closet.

Raise money for a good cause that’s close to your heart

With a shoe drive, you’re making a difference in two ways. For all the shoes you collect we pay you by the pound. You haven’t only contributed to a healthier environment, you have also raised funds for a cause of your choice. Whether it’s to fund for your football school team, a local animal shelter or even the homeless in your community who are in urgent need of medical treatments. Of course, you have the option to donate your funds to Angel bins and cover transportation expenses of shoes to third world countries. It is completely up to you!

We pick up the collection from your shoe drive and send them to developing countries to help those in need to get a pair of new or hardly worn shoes. Developing countries hardly have shoe manufacturers, if any at all. With your effort, no further pair of shoes end up in a landfill, instead, they are worn again until they ultimately reach their limit and eventually fall apart on one day as it should be.

Help micro-companies in developing countries

The shoes from your shoe drive don’t just end up in the hands of people in developing countries to be grabbed and worn. They’re meant to support micro-entrepreneurs to re-sell the shoes in their countries. We help families in need to create their own income and put an end to their vicious circle in poverty.


By setting up their second-hand shoe shop, they achieve a position in their life to support their own family without any further external help. As their business grows, they can offer jobs to other poor people and help them to leave poverty behind, too. Mirco-entrepreneurs encourage their local economy to grow. A regular shoe shop would probably achieve the same, but then again, it’d be new shoes most people in the third world couldn’t afford either. Their metropolitan areas are not as developed as it is the case in the world we’re currently thankful to live in. Thus, without the micro-entrepreneurs, there’d be no shops at all. No shops mean no economy and fewer options for people to earn a living.

Your shoe drive offers you all the benefits you could dream of when organizing a fundraiser.

  • You have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.
  • There’s no other fundraiser that’d be as time-effective.
  • You help to protect the environment by creating less garbage and saving raw materials
  • You can raise funds for any cause you’d love to support.
  • You help people to boost their economic growth

There you have it, all the benefits of a shoe drive in one spot. You know, the best of a shoe drive remains that it doesn’t cost you a single penny. How often have you thought of organizing a fundraiser but overwhelmed with all the extra costs so it wouldn’t be worth it anymore? Simply get in touch with Angel Bins today! You know you’re going to feel amazing knowing that you achieved to make a difference for someone else in this world. Those who receive your show drive collection may not see your blessed smile, but they’ll certainly feel it.

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