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Congratulations! You must be currently thinking about buying a log cabin as a new home, what a smart and sensible choice; this will be the best investment in your life time and you already know that the views from your log cabin would be amazing already, but you want more reasons to why you should by that log cabin and why it would be a great home- Here is five.

  1.       Efficiency and environment.

Wooden logs and lumber are great insulators due to the natural properties of wood; this allows the cabin to stay warm in winter and cool during summer whilst using as little heating or cooling as possible and allows for the cool or heat to stay in the cabin for a longer time compared to the modern house. This would be great for the environmentally conscious as it means that there is less energy being used to maintain the cool or warm and hence reducing the carbon footprint of your living.

Furthermore, although it seems contradicting building a house out of only wood is actually very environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious as all the majority materials that are involved construction of the house are renewable and can be replanted and replaced. Using wood to build a home also has a low carbon footprint as the trees that had to be grown would have absorbed carbon dioxide during the time it was growing hence making the log cabin building process near carbon neutral.

  1.       Easy construction, Long lasting and easily fixable home.

Log cabins are incredibly long-standing contrary to popular belief and can actually last through multiple generations of a family, unlike a normal brick and mortar home which normally only last through one or two generations of a family before needing extensive repairs and possibly a rebuild to be habitable. This is because unlike a normal house which begins to disintegrate over time a wooden house is designed to only wear out over time i.e. have layers of wood gradually removed due to rain and wind (wear and tear). This process would take lifetimes to occur; once again unlike a normal house which might take a few decades before bits of the house need to be replaced for example to roof which is recommended to be replaced every one or two decades.

Furthermore, A wooden house is unbelievably simple to build with options for the house to be modular or prefabricated so that all that is required for you to build your dream home is a plot of land that you own or have permissioned use and some nails to complete the build.  Addition to that Diagnosing issues is just as easy as constructing the house in the first place with common issues such as mould and mildew being very easy to spot as it would literally be a difference of colour ( brown against green ) and can be fixed with items from a hardware store, such as stains or sprays; or be entirely replaced by simply placing a new piece of wood on top of it.

  1.       Bonding with nature.

This is the most attractive and “sexiest” thing about a log cabin. By buying a log cabin which is normally located in the suburbs and countries sides allows for a quiet living replacing the loud bold and brash living experience of a city. Living in a log cabin will be perfect for those who wish to listen to the sounds of birds singing in the morning in replacement of the loud beeping of cars in traffic, it is also perfect for those who wish to see animals in their natural habitat instead of miles and miles of the same grey concrete buildings and long black tarmac roads. Owning and living in a log cabin is the ultimate get away for most people.

Furthermore, The fact that you would most likely be living in a quieter area also allows for the chance to experience wildlife like never and to be truly one with your surroundings and by living away from the city you’ll also be experiencing the ad for mentioned view of the wilderness which, is breathtaking and indescribable in words with its beauty being awe inspiring.

  1.       Great investment!

A log cabin is more than just a home; It a brilliant investment both when you are living in it and when you are not. A log cabin is typically favoured and hence valued more compared to the traditional brick and mortar homes and rises in value quicker compared to one in the same area. Hence, when it is time to sell the house (although I’m not sure you would really want to) you’ll get a better return on your property.

In addition to that, when you are not inhabiting your home many people would like to rent the house out to experience the cabin life; you could potentially turn your home into a holiday home for people when you are away by using home renting apps of websites such as Air B n B, turning your house into a money maker whilst most other homes are money pits.

  1.       Class, sophistication and beauty.

Imagen that it’s a dark night; raining hard and incredibly windy and that you are driving through the forest in your car- lights on and glistening in the rain. You see your drive and pull up to your cabin. The cabin still looks beautiful in this gloomy light and your just happy to home after work and are ready to just relax and chill out for the rest of the night when you walk into the cabin. Well this can be a reality for you. Nothing about owning a cabin is un-classy and it is the perfect life for most people but unachievable for some. A log cabin in the middle of nature also exemplifies its beauty by working harmoniously with its surrounds.

A cabin is simply thought of a classy, sophisticated and beautiful and there are no words to fully describe why but there is just a lingering fact that it is all three of those aforementioned things and that you just know that it is.

In Conclusion the best reasons for why a log cabin would be a good home is the fact that a log cabin is sophisticated, classy, beautiful, simple, long standing and allows for bonding with nature that is impossible anywhere else.  Now after clicking on this article and reading it I’m sure that you’ll want a log cabin. Well it’s time to take the first steps here and get some logs for homes and get building. ( please don’t buy normal logs they aren’t designed for long lasting construction work ).

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