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If you or someone you know has ever got a workplace injury, you are aware of the stressful aftermath. You could be out of work for long and, in extreme cases, permanently. Besides, you have to bear a significant amount of medical expenses.

While getting workers’ compensation for the loss seems to be an easy process, it’s not that simple. You may think that you can apply for compensation without an attorney and succeed. However, like any legal proceeding, it can be complicated.

Below are some of the reasons why you should call Oregon workers compensation attorney to sort things smoothly-

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helps Maximize The Benefits

The amount of workers’ compensation for an injured employee depends upon the workers’ average weekly earnings. However, the insurance agent will leave no stone unturned to lower the rate and convince you to settle with the first offer.

Without a workers’ compensation lawyer, they may take advantage of your inexperience with such matters and pay you less than you deserve. If you have a professional on your side, you’ll get better injury benefits. They know what moves to take in order to maximize the compensation.

They Help You Estimate The Settlement

One of the common questions about workers’ compensation is, ‘How much an injured employee should get?’ Well, many myths surround the workers’ injury benefits. People try to get information regarding this from others’ compensation claims.

But it is wrong! Every case is different. Therefore, without any knowledge about the law and nature of the claim, a worker can’t estimate the settlement.

A workers’ compensation attorney provides you with a possible figure. They also help you understand the case and let you know whether it is worth pursuing.

They Can Appear In The Court On Your Behalf

If you are seriously injured, it may not be possible for you to appear in court. You need proper rest and care to recover from the injury. Moreover, if you haven’t been to the court yet, you may feel a bit nervous. And, the employer may take advantage.

If you hire a workers’ compensation attorney, they can represent you in court. You won’t have to go through the court room’s experience. The attorney put their knowledge and expertise in your favor.

They Protect Your Legal Rights And Future Needs

Like other lawsuits, the Workers Compensation Law isn’t written in a simple language. The jargon and terms are too complex for an ordinary man to understand. As you don’t have any knowledge of the compensation act, it’s easy for the insurer to trick you.

The professional workers compensation lawyer NY saves from falling in the trap of the insurer’s trickery. They help you exercise your rights correctly. They not only help you win the case but also keep your future needs in mind.

They negotiate with the insurer for medical benefits, social security, disability benefits, etc. They make sure that their clients get fair compensation for their injuries.

They Help You Pursue Third Party Liability Case

Sometimes, the workplace injury takes place due to co-workers. In this case, the victim has two cases in his hands, i.e., the workers’ compensation claim and third-party liability suit.

The third-party liability suit is a lawsuit against the co-worker responsible for the injury. An attorney will let you know if you have a strong third party case to pursue in the court.


Workers’ compensation helps minimize your pain and takes some burden off your shoulders. However, you need to hire a professional workers compensation attorney to maximize your chances of getting an adequate amount you deserve. 

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