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You’re getting ready to welcome that big client into your office when you think to yourself: When was the last time we had the office cleaned? Can there be anything more embarrassing and unprofessional than presenting an important client or partner with a shabby, cluttered workspace? That leaves a negative impression on your visitor!

Even if you don’t get many visitors into the office, nobody wants to work in a dirty office, so cleaning is a priority for the betterment of everybody. Where do you start, and which areas need the most attention when it comes to cleaning? This guide will help you assess the 5 rooms that need the most frequent cleaning in the office.

How to Clean the Office Properly?

When cleaning an office, you treat the workplace like you do your home. You wouldn’t want to use harsh chemicals on the beautiful wooden tables and accents in your office. They’ll get etched and lose their colour. 

At the same time, you’d want to make sure that the office is as clean and spotless as it can get, especially since there are multiple different people coming in and out of the office. Both employees and visitors can track in dirt, and bring germs into the office when not cleaned well. 

For the ultimate in cleanliness, look no further than a reputable cleaning company that will get the job done right. Professional cleaners have the equipment and experience in cleaning offices, particularly the disinfection process to ensure that bacteria and viruses don’t make you sick. Get your office ready to welcome that big client, or trusted partner with a pristine space!

1. Office Cubicles and Carpet

Office cubicles are the private spaces of employees during their workdays. Even during work, employees are entitled to a sense of privacy when it comes to their everyday tasks, and the cubicle provides them a personal territory they can utilize for their work-related needs. 

Cleaning the cubicles, including the carpeted flooring, is essential to the health and productivity of employees, and shows how well an employee prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. Have employees organize their own desks, store their documents using a proper system, and keep their cables in check to avoid tripping wires. 

For the carpet, best to have the entire floor vacuumed daily to prevent debris from accumulating within the fibres. Carpets will need to be washed every few months or so to keep it clean and maintain the carpets to last longer.

2. Office Restrooms

Just like your bathroom at home, the office restrooms require daily cleaning. The restroom in the office is used frequently, and by multiple different people who go in and out of the office. Understandable that the office bathroom isn’t going to be the cleanest area in the whole building, so it needs to be cleaned multiple times to keep it from emitting foul odours.

An office cleaning crew would certainly help in maintaining the cleanliness of the restroom, as they have the experience to properly disinfect bathroom surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and pathogens, as well as to keep the smells from accumulating. 

3. Communal Pantry or Break Room

The pantry or break room may not take on tasks as filthy as the restroom, but these areas can get dirty and germ-filled nonetheless. Since the communal eating space is where people tend to take their lunch and chat, the room is filled with droplets of food, drinks, sweat, and saliva that would make any office worker retch in disgust. 

Any room that deals with food automatically requires frequent cleaning, especially when the food area concerns your employees. Tables must be wiped clean with a disinfectant solution, the fridge should be maintained to prevent food smells, and the dishes must be washed and stored away properly, ready for the next person who needs them. 

4. Meeting Room

The meeting room is a standard location where most group discussions happen, particularly with upper management, clients, and partners. Here, we generally see multiple chairs, a long table, and presentation equipment that will need to be cleaned often, though not used regularly. 

The meeting room is where you tend to entertain your client or business partner, so it is essential to make sure you leave a positive impression on them, starting with the cleanliness of your meeting space.

5. Reception Area

The reception area may be the room that needs to be in a consistent cleanliness, as it is the front of the house for any business. You can gather a lot about a company and its employees just by observing the reception area. 

The reception area should be cleaned thoroughly, including the reception desk, waiting area, glass partitions, and of course, the company logo that shines bright in the centre of the entire room. Keep the reception area clean and tidy, and you can present utmost professionalism to anyone who visits.

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