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Buying a second-hand thing isn’t for household items and clothes alone but also for houses. Moving a brick house is not easy, but it’s possible for a timber house. Many companies have experience in this industry of house relocation. They offer relevant reports and consents throughout the relocation and moving to your preferred site. Though it sounds expensive, it’s an affordable process many people currently use. Here are the top five tips you need to know before you go for a relocatable house

Get the right site

The top consideration in your journey is to buy a site that will be suitable for your house. Check to confirm that no agreements will block the relocation process. Use the geotechnical reports to assess soil stability in your chosen area. These are crucial reports that will save you money to add on the engineering costs. The reports will detail the sewerage, drainage, and power connections to the house at the site. See if the connections will be affordable or much more expensive than what you can afford. Some places have primary connections. Such areas won’t need any extra reports. 

Your site has to be in an accessible area without any hindrances to make the relocation feasible. Check factors like wind exposure and flooding in the area as well. 

Get your dream house

Before selecting your dream house, ensure it is strong enough. It should withstand the relocation process. The foundation should be more robust. Its parts should be from hardwood timber that will withstand the lifting process. Check the house layout and the aspect of the room once relocated to the new site. Will there be a need to open up existing walls for new doors? What room will get the most sunlight? Please make sure the house is in sound condition before you buy it. 

Experience is vital

Don’t use shortcuts when selecting the company for buying and relocating your house. Experienced companies are familiar with all the provisions needed to meet your goal. They know all the considerations to take into account when moving your home. 

Experienced companies will gauge whether cutting the house into two halves is necessary. They do this for easy transportation and re-joining after transport. They will ask about the changes you want to make to the house for them to assist in the process. Be keen on selecting these companies. Don’t give a non-experienced company work that will cost you more. Don’t use price as the determinant of the company to use but rather its experience and former client reviews. 

Getting consents

Get an excellent contractor to assist you in getting the building consent. The contractor will also help you choose the ideal site to place your new house. All this information will be from your title certificate. It will include boundary meters, orientation, driveways, and power holes. 

Do your homework to ensure all your paperwork is correct. You will only achieve this if you use a qualified contractor to do all this on your behalf. Your operations will run smoothly. 

The move

An insurance cover is essential when moving your house from its original site. Some companies provide interim storage for your home. They do this if there are any delays in relocation. Insurance will cover any possible damages that may arise. 


Most houses get transferred at night. The movement can be in bits and the final house assembled at the site. Make sure you get all paperwork done well before the moving day. Remember to observe the safety measures even after your home gets to the new location. 

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