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5 Smart Building Lighting Benefits You Should Know About

With the current technology, everything is becoming automated, including lights. Buildings are now adopting smart lighting to reduce the impact on the environment. With a smart building lighting system, you can save on energy costs and contribute positively to the environment. 

If you plan to upgrade your lighting system, below are five popular benefits you should know about.


  • Aesthetics and mood


Besides saving on energy costs, smart lights make the atmosphere beautiful and appealing. They generally boost the aesthetic appeal of the building and create a relaxing mood when necessary. For instance, most restaurants with the smart building lighting system tend to lower the lights at night to create a calm mood for romantic dinners.

Some smart lighting systems come with sensors that monitor the amount of daylight penetrating the room. Therefore, these lights automatically reduce or increase their brightness, depending on how much light penetrates the building. This makes them very effective in saving energy, increasing or reducing brightness when necessary.

With an automatic lighting system, they can adjust accordingly, thus creating the right environment for you. For instance, these smart lights can be bright and energizing in the morning to give you the energy you need to complete the day’s tasks. After that, the lights can become dimmer if you want to relax or watch a movie.


  • Business


IF you have a small business or retail shop, you can incredibly increase your customers’ number by installing smart lights. This is because the lights and colorful light capture the customer’s attention, thus drawing them towards your shop.

For instance, if you are selling jewelry, you can install smart lights inside the counter to illuminate the jewelry. This illumination makes the jewelry look very appealing under the smart lights, thus attracting potential customers.


  • Occupancy sensors


With smart building lighting, you can install connecting lights and sensors and schedule them to detect when they should go on or off. For instance, when you install occupancy sensors in your office, they safely ensure you get in and out of the room. 

More so, these lights prevent slips related to dimly lit areas. With occupancy sensors, you can know how many people enter or leave the office. They also act as a watchdog for your business after business hours.

Another important place to install the occupancy sensors is the bathroom, especially in your office building. These lights will make your employees, and even customers feel safe, especially if the bathroom is in a dark area. Besides, since the need for switches will be eliminated, there will be a substantial reduction in germ transfer.


  • Building management


Smart building lighting is crucial in building, and it can help save energy costs in a significant way. These lights help in monitoring which rooms are occupied and which ones are not. Therefore, in case of emergencies, it can be easy for first responders to know exactly the rooms they are supposed to reach first.

More so, with smart building lighting, the electricity bills will substantially go down. If the occupants can tailor their lights to go on and off depending on when the room is occupied, they will save on energy costs.


  • Easy to upgrade


Upgrading the smart lighting system is easy and straightforward compared to traditional lights. This is because upgrading these lights does not require rewiring like the traditional ones that may take weeks due to lots of wiring.

You can even install sensors effortlessly in the existing system without the need to adjust the entire system. So, if you have a commercial building, it will take only a few days to upgrade the light system, making them very convenient.

There are many other benefits you will get by installing smart building lighting. They will save on energy consumption and significantly reduce your electricity bills. More so, you will feel safe whenever you enter a dark corridor because the smart lights will automatically turn on and light the pathway for you.

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