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Digital PR has become a buzz word in the modern world as businesses and brands are creating an awareness via many different online media channels such as social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram), magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites and paid advertisements to extend their reach.

Every day we see sponsored ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram, we see vloggers or bloggers promoting a product or service or online magazines featuring business stories. In our email inbox we find promotions, offers or updates – in the digital world it’s all about getting the brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

As a growing number of business websites and blogs are created daily, it’s becoming quite competitive out there. Having a strong PR strategy is key to achieving better search engine ranks and driving more traffic to your site. Building backlinks is one of the most effective ways to improve rankings on search engines. The long-term goal of strengthening your website’s authority and having various links with other authority websites in your niche will exactly provide that. But PR goes beyond that – it’s about spreading the word about your brand and making it known to the right audience.

Top 5 tested and trialled ways to boost digital PR:

  1. Blogger Outreach: it’s often very useful to research bloggers in your niche and get in touch with them. They might help you get natural backlinks, social mentions for your product or services and build trust and familiarity with your brand. Online influencers’ opinions are trusted by hundreds to thousands of followers, depending on their popularity – to have them talk about your business or publish content about it can open up many new business opportunities and widen your reach. See for example the London Business News Blog and how it features business innovation news – your article or business story could be featured here.
  2. Guest Blogging and Posting: Guest blog posting is another very effective way to build your website’s authority and at the same time achieve more exposure. Backlinks from established blogs in various niches to your business website signal the search engines that it is popular and trusted on the web. Having a guest post published on successful and high-ranking blogs like the UK News Blog or the UK Education Blog improves rankings, brand exposure and visibility. Once you have established a good partnership with a guest post publisher, they can help you in the future as they usually manage a whole range of blogs for guest posting.
  3. Social sharing: Social media play a pivotal role in finding and reaching out to a wider but more targeted audience. Building pages and groups on Facebook with a daily growing number of members is a PR strategy many businesses aim to perfect. Sharing your blogs, content and ads on these platforms enables a more targeted approach to getting the eyeballs you desire, namely the ones that turn into conversions. Sharing on such platforms regularly is time-consuming as this entails creating posts, videos and graphics for all these daily to build your brand’s awareness! However, there are tricks and ways to study your target audience, create successful templates and run popular campaigns. You can learn more about this at the digital marketing e-learning platform SeekaHost University.
  4. Email marketing: Most businesses struggle with email marketing because they lack a clear strategy and outstanding content for their marketing campaign. Email marketing is a very efficient tool helping you to encourage your customers to visit your website or learn about a new product or service you’ve introduced in the market – crafting regular catchy email updates or newsletters is an art and can impact the success of your business significantly.
  5. Business storytelling and copywriting: Creating SEO-friendly and attractive online content for your business website or blog is one of the most important key factors of digital PR. Just think about where high-quality content is required online nowadays: on your business website, your business profiles on any online media platform, your blog, any online communications of your business and the list goes on. To improve your ranks on search engines SEO-friendly content, containing researched keywords and search terms relevant for your business, can make a big difference to your digital PR as more people will find your website.

Businesses face tough challenges to be known and remain amongst the top players in their industry. That’s why it’s vital for any business owner or freelancer to acquire digital PR skills or hire a professional to do this for them.

Boost your online presence and increase your website traffic with these 5 digital PR methods. They will not disappoint you.


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