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Old port of Montreal is well known place for accordion players to be visible. Only place to hold them along with some cobblestone streets, walking on which is an experience on its own. Also, old port Montreal food tour is widely famous for its delicacies and the prices that are just too good. That’s another reason why old port Montreal is just good. Some people do make it their only living place because of the goodness. Well, not just the food tour, but here are more 5 surprising reasons why Old Montreal activities is awesome like anything.

The best place to eat your dreams:

From small pubs to big restaurants and small cafes to great ice cream corners (and special delis), old port of Montreal is a place of its own food production. Whatever you want to eat, you get it served right in front of you. No negotiation on this field. Places include Tommy, Christian Faure, Brit and Chips are one of the best to visit.

Out of the world Outdoor activities:

Old port of Montreal is not just awesome for its food varieties, but also for extra ordinary outdoor activities including skiing and ice skating. If you are not an indoor person and love to roam around, Old port of Montreal has lot of treats for you from summer fishing to ice fishing grounds, jet boating at Saute Moutons over St. Lawrence River and the incredible Musical ice skating at Bonsecours Basin, not just some regular drifting with the freezing ground.

Lots of Outdoor Events:

Events and lots of events in old port of Montreal and you wonder why it is so awesome. Events are pots of enjoyments and when these are opened, too much comes out of it. The region is always crowded with a huge list of events for the entire year. Starting from January dances and dance parties themselves and other celebrations, you really can’t be joking for boredom. That’s impossible.

A special place in the heart for photographers:

Old port of Montreal is a special place for all photographers. No matter how special or expert you are in the field, you will always find something to click and imagine its beauty forever. Filled with lots of sights and intense street beauties, with lots of town houses. You really can’t complain for the region’s extreme atmosphere that entangles you in it. This is just the beginning. Wait until you get a hill to discover the town by your camera and you might just get the best of the scenes. Ever!

Awesome with Sightseeing:

Another reason why old port of Montreal is awesome is that you can go for sightseeing with difficult choices on board. Since all of its places are too beautiful to go on a single day. The best place to consider seeing is the science centre at Montreal which is just a delight. Not just for single person, this is also a place for your kids to enjoy and have a good time. Canada Lands Company must be doing something right when it comes to Ottawa Construction near Ottawa’s downtown.

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