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It’s not surprising at all when they say your pet is the best part of therapy. Animals that are given genuine love and care tend to return it to their owners in a way that stimulates the healthy relationship between the two. That special bond is enough to nurture and grow the bonding between you and your pet.

In Marley and Me, the book, the author John Grogan learns that the young golden Labrador retriever puppy was the reward for him. If you have read the book or watched the movie you know where this article is heading.

Hollywood portrayal of the pet-human bond often leaves you misty-eyed but how does having a pet really affect you? Is unconditional love a real thing or just a myth?

No matter how skeptical it may sound right now, but keep reading on to find answers to your questions.

Your Dog, Stress, And You

Admit it. Success has nothing to do with a person’s depression or stress. It is out of our control. Sometimes a person is not even aware of the trigger points. Usually, therapists at this point recommend having a pet.

For instance, dog owners have lower chances of getting depressed or anxious as compared to others. According to one study, fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety were found in pet households.

To have someone who appreciates your love and care for them without questioning is what having a dog is all about, they love you unconditionally. Whether you make them a puppy feeding chart to take care of their dietary needs alongside yours their presence keeps you engaged in healthy activities.

The ultimate solution? You become less stressed or anxious.

Lesser Mood Swings

Sometimes it’s okay for your moods and emotions to spin out of control. But what if it happens almost all the time?

People find watching a fish swim to have a calming effect on them. Or just petting their dog or cat has an equal effect. They become less stressed. Those people who love animals are known to have lesser mood swings.

Do you know how it happened? The level of stress hormones, cortisol, lowers increasingly. The good chemical, serotonin, releases into the bloodstream that helps to elevate the mood.

Imagine if stress levels reduce then you will have a better mood and happy emotions. So if you have a bad temperament and impulsive reactions you will see a decline in those if you spend quality time with a pet.

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Emotional Stability

Although moods and emotions are closely interrelated if you are a pet owner chances are you have found the one companion that will not let you down.

They curl beside you while doing your work or if well trained can help bring things to you back and forth etc. in case if you are suffering from severe diseases then your pet, especially a dog can become a part of your treatment! That is why the ESAs are widely used in pet therapy.

Animals, like dogs, assistance in therapy for patients suffering from long-term diseases like cancers and tumors, etc are shown to have better emotional stability too. How?

It helps increase the level of a hormone known as oxytocin. When a person undergoing emotional trauma due to sickness or other crises has animal therapy it works for them.

 Mental Health

Having a dog is pretty good right? If your dog is active, then chances are he will keep you engaged too. When you take your pet out for a walk, or a run even it’s not only healthy for your dog alone but also is good for your mental well-being.

A healthy mental lifestyle begins with happy thoughts and the right companionship. If you have one you automatically benefit from the other one.

We know physical exercise is a mood booster for your dog and you. But it really pays off when you work towards enhanced brain health with the appropriate weight. So if you have a dog, who loves the outdoors, then you are self-promoting your health too.

Better Interactions

If you think having a pet means no time for social interactions, then you are wrong. It is an overlooked phenomenon, but having a pet means you have better chances of socializing!

Like we just said, if your dog loves the outdoors and you take them out for the walk, then you will be able to interact with other dog owners too. Especially if you are a loner, this is one of the most interactive ways to cope your way out of the shell and exchange pleasantries.

But what if you own a cat? Cats do not require an equal amount of physical activities as compared to dogs. But even then you have to let them out once in the blue moon. You can share your pet stories when you get the chance to talk to someone at the workplace or grooming salon and so on.

Try having a pet right away if you don’t have any. Every experience matters so maybe having a pet is what you need in your life right now? Who knows? Give it a try!

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