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5 Things Every Website Needs to Succeed

When you are preparing to launch a business, be it a physical location or solely online, you probably have a list of things you want to accomplish to succeed at your business goals. What you might overlook is your website. Do you know how to create one that is going to attract the customers you want? 

There are a few things every website needs to do. Of course, unless you enlist the help of a professional, the first website won’t be perfect—but it’s a start. So, if you want to get off on the right foot, here are some things you should keep in mind: 

Focus on Quality Content 

What is one thing no great website can do without? Content. You need content that delivers a result—either by giving people answers or by entertaining them in some way. About Us pages, blogs, social media posts, and other written content is important. 

Instead of churning out loads of basic content that is strewn with keywords and sales pitches, focus on connection. Make relationships with the readers. They will thank you for it. 

Easy Navigation

People want to be able to navigate around your website without struggle. When they click on a link or a button or use a drop-down menu, that action should do what they want it to. This is more than just the customer’s experience. It is a first impression of your business and how put together you truly are. If your website is not navigable, people will leave it before you get a chance to appeal to them. 

Testimonials and Case Studies

Customers want to trust the businesses that they interact with, even if you are selling nothing but honest content. When your audience trusts what you say, you can leverage credibility to build an even stronger brand identity. Use testimonials to your advantage. Have your customers opt-in to giving feedback about your services, create dialogue. You might not always get great reviews, but how you handle the bad ones says a lot about who you are, too. 

Multi-Media Additions 

Humans are geared towards visual content. That is why things like Instagram stories and TikTok are so popular—because movies and audio are powerful tools. Once you have established some written content, make it better with photos, videos, so on. For instance, you can take before and after photos or have video introductions of team members. 

Have Opt-Ins 

Businesses are all about transactions. In other words, if you want to make money, you need to get people used to the idea of giving you information and interaction. You can do this by having opt-in content, such as subscription lists for newsletters and promotions. You can add opt-ins for free content, like ebooks and videos—things that build value within your brand. 

Final Thoughts

If you include these 5 things every website needs, you will have no problems with attracting customers to your cause. Remember to be honest and transparent with your content, and never give up on quality. 

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