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tactical flashlight5 things to consider when you buy a tactical flashlight

In any case, safety should be our top priority. Especially when you are outside for late-night. Every civilian should carry the best light. In the market, the most demanding flashlight is “tactical flashlight. It is a hand-held flashlight specially built for police officers, security guards, and military personnel. Therefore, they are made with strong and high-quality materials. Civilians also can use this light for self-defense. In this article, you will know the few things that you need to consider when you buy tactical LED flashlights. 

1- LED technology

LED sources are the best then old-style lights. They provide cool white light for a longer time. Its illumination should use less energy. The best tactical glow in the dark flashlight comes with the FL1 standard sheet which provides remarkable brightness to the user. It has a high-quality LED flash that made for self-defense and survival. For effective self-defense, you should choose at least 120 lumens of light output, less than 120 lumens will not work effectively.     

2- Easy to access

Most flashlights come with easy push button. So, a user can easily ON the light with one-hand in the darkness. You should choose the one which is access quickly and easy to carry. Tactical LED flashlights are the best because they are easy to operate and extremely convenient for the user. They have tail-switch which give quick access then side switch button. Well, it is a matter of preference. Some people prefer the side switch button. So, choose the one which is comfortable for you.       

3- Lightweight

Keep in mind, whenever you buy a flashlight it should be lightweight. You know it would be around with you whenever you go outside in the dark. Therefore, you should pick an Olight tactical flashlight that lightweight and give comfort to your hands. As you know, the level of comfort always different for everyone. So, you should choose according to your comfort level.

4- Strobe mood

These tactical LED flashlights come with Strobe mood that is non-lethal way to protect yourself. Once you used this, you will know Strobe mood not just effective but also has a maximum output of at least 500 ANSI lumens. Its straight strobe mood allows user to instant access and keeps you alert. No doubt, it is one of the incredibly handy and defense tools for the civilian. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it every day. You can get any kind of reliable and durable tactical LED flashlights from Olight Store.

5- Rechargeable battery

As you know, LED flashlight act as a defense tool that should be bright enough to disorient an attacker. It should have a maximum run time by which you will be in ease. You will not worry about the battery running out too quickly. Keep in mind, you should pick flashlight which has a rechargeable battery. Like tactical LED flashlight that has a USB port so you can charge the battery inside the flashlight.


All around the world, a tactical flashlight is popular due to its easy to access tail-switches, weapon-mounting capabilities, high light intensity, and defended strike bezels. At Olight Store, these flashlights are available at the best affordable prices. They value their customers and provide a variety of the best self-defense flashlights.   

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