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Employees come and go, what remains is their dedication towards work and the bonds they form during their service. However, relationships do not stop them from looking for better growth and exploring options to switch companies. Working professionals are always looking for better job opportunities and in this search, they are usually in a hurry to resign and get all the relieving formalities done ASAP.

Whether it is the notice period being served or an experience letter format being issued, as the termination time approaches, employees who have resigned want things to expedite fast. Due to this reason, you, as an employer, need to either prepare a checklist or follow a step-wise approach to make sure that all the final and last-minute conventions are duly done.

Let us look at the major responsibilities that every employer performs before saying the final good-bye to the parting employee:

Accept/Reject the Resignation

First things first, check whether there is a formal resignation given by the employee or not. Once you have received the resignation letter, you can either put the same on hold if the person is not in a position to leave, try to retain the employee if he is really valuable or you can simply accept the resignation and let them go.

Look For a Replacement

Secondly, as soon as an employee resigns, you need to start making preparations for refilling the position. Create and post a job vacancy, design a job description, and release advertisements to spread the word. Losing an employee and downloading that relieving letter format to share it is painful, but you need to focus on the future and start fresh with a hunt for better and more competent professionals as a replacement.

Ensure No Pending Assignments

Next, you have to take care that before issuing an experience letter to the concerned employee, there is no backlog of projects or tasks pending from his/ her end. In case the employee is managing or in the middle of executing an assignment, you can increase the resignation period or even hold the resignation acceptance/ letter release for him. Once it is confirmed that there is no incomplete job at the employee’s part, it is okay to share the documents with him.

Collect the Company Assets

Before the employee takes the final exit from your door, ensure he has returned every single company-owned asset. For example, the computer system/ laptop, mobile phone, sim card, ID card, and other articles are possessions of the organization and must be returned by the employee before leaving forever. So, in case you were about to draft an relieving letter format in word and send it across, ensure that all the company assets are positively given back in a good condition.

Organize a Farewell Party

Last, but certainly not the least, you should appreciate the efforts that the employee had made during his term in the organization. Also, tell them you will miss them. The best way to do so is by throwing a farewell party. This practice strengthens the employer-employee bond and makes way for a possibility of future collaboration.

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