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In today’s world, there are almost no spheres that do not deal with electricity. That is why it is so important to be aware of all the risks that can occur when working with live equipment.

To minimize any dangers, your employees should undergo electrical awareness training. During the training, they learn how to achieve electrical safety in the workplace to prevent accidents.

Why is Electrical Safety Training Important?

Ignorance of the basic rules of electrical safety can result in tragedy: your personnel can suffer from such potential dangers as electric shock, arc flash, electrical circuit, etc. 

These situations are usually caused by improper handling of live machinery. To protect yourself and your colleagues from the risks, we recommend not to postpone until later the issue of studying electrical safety rules that will help to create a safe working environment in your enterprise.

Who Needs Electrical Safety Training?

According to the NFPA 70E standard, all employees who work with electrical systems and equipment where the risk is not reduced to a safe level should receive electrical safety training for employees

This guarantees an understanding of safety protocols, and necessary precautions, as well as the correct use of personal protective equipment that protects people from any possible dangers.

Electrical Safety Training for Maintenance Workers

Electrical safety training for service personnel is one of the important aspects of the labor organization,  as their well-being and health depend on it.

Therefore, all employees should take the basic course, which covers the top 5 topics:

  1. Introduction to the topic (what is an electric shock and arc flash);
  2. When and how personnel can be exposed to current;
  3. Current rules and standards in the sphere;
  4. Duties of employees;
  5. What a safe distance is and the ways to protect yourself from electric shock.

Electrical Safety for Technicians and Supervisors

Technicians and Supervisors play a crucial role in providing electrical safety, as they are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of the entire electrical system of the enterprise.

This personnel should complete an expanded program which, in addition to the basic course materials, also includes:

  1. Creation of electro-safe working conditions;
  2. Knowledge of electrical installation duties;
  3. Risk assessment when performing installation work with live machinery;
  4. Selection of personal protective equipment;
  5. Emergency response, etc.

How Often is Electrical Safety Training Required by OSHA?

OSHA does not indicate a specific frequency for electrical safety training.

However, as this is an industry safety standard, it is recommended that refresher training be provided at least once every three years, as well as when there are changes in company practices that require rethinking how to ensure worker safety.

The Most Popular Electrical Safety Training Courses

If you are looking for a suitable program, we recommend paying attention to Leaf Electrical Safety.

The brand offers a variety of training options covering various electrical safety training topics and electrical safety talking points such as:

  • Electrical hazards awareness
  • Safe work practices
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • Emergency response
  • Case studies and real-life examples

The courses can be organized for all staff and more advanced programs for technicians.

How long does electrical safety training take?

Duration depends on your chosen program:

  • Thus, it will take about four hours to master the material for operators, mechanics, and general maintenance workers.
  • The program for millwrights, technicians, and low-voltage electricians will account for 8 hours.

With this training, your employees will know how to handle the equipment and how to protect themselves from injuries in the workplace!

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