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For artists and musicians who are looking to record an original track, there comes a time when renting a studio space becomes necessary.   However, before you enter the recording studio, there are some things to be aware of prior to signing on the dotted line. Read on…

Know what you’re getting

When signing a contract with a recording studio, it is best to make sure you know what amenities the space provides.  Each studio is different so it is important to know if the space arranges its own equipment versus what you will have to bring yourself.


Depending on how long you’ll need to use the space, many recording contracts include a service charge that covers the cost of equipment and upkeep.  Be sure you understand what these charges include before signing an agreement. Additionally, rental prices vary from studio to studio and from project to project, so it’s best to do your research.


Does your track require a large ensemble to record or are you a solo artist who only needs a microphone and an acoustic guitar?  In this case, size matters and it is best to find a recording space that will best accommodate your needs.

In Los Angeles, the Evergreen Stage is a large facility that offers a 3000+ square foot live room which can accommodate up to 60 musicians and features three isolation booths and a large projection screen. The Stage, which was previously owned by DiaDan Holdings, is a good option if you need a large space.


Different types of recording studios specialize in different services, so if you’re searching for a space that offers multi-track recording or overdubbing, then you will want to make sure of this before you sign.  A studio that comes with an experienced sound engineer can also save you valuable time and money.

Past work

Does the studio have a long list of notable musicians who have used it to record their own music?  Ask for a past project list, as well as references from past users with similar needs to your own. Were they satisfied with the final product?

Finally, think about talking over your project with the recording studio and then settling on a project rate instead of an hourly one.  It can be difficult to anticipate the time it will take to perfect your track, and and the lowest hourly rate may not actually be the best value.

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