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Nowadays, gaming trends are shifting from PlayStation consoles to online gaming solutions. Many enthusiasts love the idea of competing with fellow gamers from all over the world. Unfortunately, this trend has created cyberbullies, scammers, and stalkers who target unsuspecting gamers. Keep in mind that people can fake their identities online to achieve their sinister motives. No need to get alarmed; we’ve provided five valuable tips to ensure a safe online gaming experience.

1. Run background checks on fellow gamers.

There’s no gainsaying that people falsify their social information to mask their identities online. The good news is that you can take strategic steps to mitigate potential problems. Consider using efficient background check sites like to verify the credibility and integrity of other online gamers.

The site allows you to run a gamer’s personal information against public records to check for criminal records. GoLookUp has many directories, including unclaimed money search, people search, phone number search, arrest records, and mugshot search. As a disclaimer, the widely acclaimed background check site doesn’t encourage identity theft or blackmail.

2. Buy your games from reputable vendors.

The only way to know that your games are safe is to buy them from trusted brands and vendors. There’s no denying that purchasing top-rated games can get expensive. Gaming enthusiasts prefer downloading pirated or mod versions to save money. These versions often come from untrusted sources that pose significant risks. Hackers hide behind these sites to steal sensitive information like your credit card details, social security number, and online passwords.

So, if you’re looking to download Call of Duty updates so you can access black ops cold war weapons and best guns, make sure you download from the in-game menu or the right source. Your desire to use a cold war weapon (like an M16, assault rifle, SMG, AK-47, tactical rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, mp5, and AK-74u) shouldn’t compromise your safety.

The key takeaway is that you should purchase the original game from a trusted gaming site or vendor. Some vendors occasionally run promotions and special deals which you can take advantage of to buy your favorite games.

3. Pick a username that conceals your true identity.

One way to protect yourself from strangers is to choose a username that doesn’t reveal your identity. Take the initiative and get creative to prevent strangers you met in a gaming community from figuring out your true identity. Resist the urge to incorporate personal information into your usernames, such as your real name, address, hometown, birthday, school, or phone number.

You can also create a unique username that gives a stranger you meet online the faintest idea about you. By way of example, the username Debby2000 suggests that your name is Debby and that you were born in the year 2000. Instead, you may want to try something like GameQueen999.

4. Set your privacy settings to high security.

We can’t overemphasize the need to set privacy settings on your online gaming applications. Fortunately, many games and online platforms have privacy settings that guarantee safe online gaming. Keep an eye out for privacy settings and options that offer optimal user protection.

A good rule of thumb is to turn off the option that shows when you are online and the specific game you’re playing. It also helps to limit how many users can play with you in a game and avoid sharing your password or gaming information with someone online.

5. Install an antivirus solution to protect your device.

Online gaming makes your mobile device or computer susceptible to malicious spyware and viruses. Thanks to technological advancements, you can protect your gaming device using robust antivirus software. When choosing the best antivirus solution, opt for a trusted vendor with a good reputation in the gaming industry. Not all antivirus software solutions are equal; some require you to pay subscription fees to enjoy the benefits they offer.


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