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Cosmetic smile design is a dental procedure that allows you to fix and enhance your smile. It entails many orthodontic, cosmetic, and surgical procedures that can be customized to your dental needs. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic smile design cooper city team will examine your teeth and discuss your goals to determine the best treatments for you. You may choose to fix functional problems like a misaligned bite or more cosmetic issues like teeth staining. Overall, the resulting cosmetic smile design treatment will help you address the following smile problems.

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Discolored or Stained Teeth

Discolored teeth are unattractive. They make you look older than you and can suggest a lack of proper dental hygiene, even when you brush your teeth regularly. Unfortunately, foods you eat and natural processes like aging can cause your teeth to stain or discolor over time. You can discuss professional teeth whitening with your provider to address this problem. Other treatment options include veneers for mild discoloration and teeth replacement for severe cases. Once you get the stains removed, you will be well on your way to a brighter, whiter, more attractive, and youthful smile.

Too Short or Small Teeth

Natural wear and tear can eat away at your teeth and cause them to appear short. This can give you a gummy smile that may make you appear older than you are and mar your smile. During your consultation, you can opt to have your teeth lengthened to correct this problem. Your provider may lengthen or reshape your teeth through porcelain veneers or composite bonding to give you a more prominent smile. If your gums are the problem, they may modify your gum line.

Asymmetrical Gums

Speaking of which, your cosmetic smile design treatment may also address asymmetrical gum contours. Through this treatment, your provider can address gum-related aesthetic issues like an uneven gum line or excessive gum tissue. The approach might be to remove excess tissue or reshape the line so you have a more even smile. If your gums have receded, your provider may also restore your gum tissue.

Gaps and Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth and gaps can also compromise your smile. To address this, your provider may need to call on their orthodontic expertise. You may receive braces, Invisalign, or other corrective treatments to change the positioning of your teeth. These treatments are designed to straighten and improve the alignment of your teeth, so you have a more even smile.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Dental trauma caused either by falling, biting on a hard object, or contact sports can cause you to break or chip your teeth. Here the problem is both functional and aesthetic because broken and chipped teeth can be painful, cause you to lisp or spit when you talk, mar your smile, and throw off your bite. Depending on the severity of the break, your doctor can use crowns, veneers, or composite bonding to restore your tooth shape and size.

Redesign Your Smile Today

Your smile is one of the most fundamental aspects of your appearance. It creates the first and most lasting impression you leave on people. Consequently, if certain functional or structural dental problems threaten it, you should do everything possible to fix your smile. Today, that involves cosmetic smile design – a treatment through which you can get the smile of your dreams. Whether you want to clear some staining or replace a missing tooth, contact a provider near you today to get the smile you want.

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