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Are you looking for a business card printing service in Ajman?

You could get in touch with Liberty Printing Press for all sorts of printing projects!

But are you still unsure about the design of your business card?

We have made a list of top five trendy ideas for designing your business card.

Business cards reflect the forte of your organization, their product or service and the designation that an individual carries in the company. An attractive business card plays a major role in the success of a company. Hence, we have prepared a list of appealing business card designs ideas for your convenience and all these cards can be made through the printing press service at the Liberty Printing Press.

Spot UV/Varnish Printing Technique

This is one of the most common trendy printing techniques these days. A glossy effect on some portions of the card makes it unique and it lasts longer than the traditional old cards. The varnish is a matte coating and it enhances the durability of the card while protecting it with a shiny layer on top. This innovative design only has some glossy and rich parts for business card printing in Ajman.


Heat is pressed in the card. This printing process is called embossing. Products like ink or foil are not used in this process. A dense engraved texture is given to the business card. Debossing is the opposite of embossing at Liberty Printing Press. The backside of the card is pressed with heat to make a protruding effect on the front side of the card. This also creates a 3D visual effect. Embossing can be applied on both sides of the business card to create a unique effect for business card printing in Ajman.

Foil Printing Design

Foil printing is a distinctive technique. It is mostly used by salon owners, fashion designers, wedding planners and so on. This technique gives a very neat and sharp yet shiny texture to the card at Liberty Printing Press. A bright-colored foil is used in the business card printing in Ajman. This makes a very impressive business card with an elegant touch. Logos or written contexts are enhanced through this technique for business card printing in Ajman.

Designs with Laser Cutting/Die Cutting

Business cards with laser cutting have gained massive popularity across the globe. They look cool and attractive like no other! Graphic designers have outdone themselves with this laser cutting technique. The business card is cut into different shapes or the logo is cut in the center. It depends on the requirements of the client. At Liberty Printing Press, we have created some really wild designs for our customers like a card-shaped as a guitar or a cake. Business cards with laser cutting are unconventional and one of its kind. The material is cut through a laser in the printing process. It is a revolutionary method of creating business card printing in Ajman according to the creative demand of the clients.

Matte Lamination & Traditional Glossy Top

Matte lamination and the glossy top are the usual types of business cards. They are also considerably cheaper than the above-mentioned types of business cards. However, they too effectively grasp attention if the graphic designer has produced an innovative design for business card printing in Ajman. At Liberty Printing Press, some clients demand the dull yet decent look for their matte business cards while others demand a glossy and shining lamination which is soft in comparison with the matte cards. The glossy cards are also water-resistant and have a silky touch like a layer of protective shield for the business cards.

Get in touch with us and book an appointment! We can discuss the design and the cost of your business card in person. Our team will respond during the usual business working hours. We look forward to meeting you for providing printing services for your business cards.

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