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Smartphones are what you may be using now and then to entertain, educate, click a photo and do much more. Over the years, smartphones have been making communication hassle-free for a user with video calling adding a new dimension to it.

With the best mobile under 15000 and others, it has been at the centre stage of many things that you do in a day. But what has been the impact of smartphones on society over the years? Read on!

  • Impact on education

Mobile phones provide exclusive ways to a student to enhance the quality of education. Yes, the use of the internet has gone up and become a part of every student’s life. The combo of the web and smartphones paves the way towards offering a substitute channel to provide students with distance education and education services. It is also possible to download an education app on the best Android mobile under 15000 and others and start learning and revising syllabus as per your convenience.

  • Impact on social life

With the introduction of smartphones, social life has changed by helping access social media apps on their mobile phones. It is now possible to connect with childhood to business friends and enjoy your time on social platforms right on your smartphone.

  • Psychological impact

Many studies suggest that smartphones have the capacity to lessening your stress in day to day busy professional life. This way, you can connect with family and friends on your mobile phone as and when you get the time and don’t need to travel to do so. If you use your mobile phone smartly, then you can enhance the functioning of your brain to stay proactive. Smartphones are not only meant for entertainment purposes but can also be used to access relevant information such as news, weather updates and more.

  • Impact on health

As per many surveys online, more than 10 million US smartphone users use a mobile phone to access information related to health details and related facilities. What’s more, the uses of a smartphone for accessing health-related information among Indian users have also gone up. In India, more users are using their best Android mobile under 15000 to access multiple apps. They are doing that for prescription management, medicine price comparison, alternate therapies and much more. It is also possible to use apps to track your blood pressure, diet and exercise regime. All these are enabling smartphones to play a vital role in the health sector.

  • Business impact

Even an Oppo mobile under 10000 , Redmi 8, Realme 5s and more are capable of creating new business dimensions. Yes, not only smartphone vendors are doing business, but it has also opened a new dimension for companies that develop apps. Even internet service providers and related sector parties are now benefiting by creating products that can be used on mobile phone other than conventional mediums.

Quick tips to using your smartphones wisely

  • It is not good to keep checking your phone when you are in a meeting or discussing something with your friends and family.
  • Never use your mobile phone while eating. Your nutrition could be incomplete as you may eat less because your focus is on your phone and not food.
  • Keep your phone on silent mode during a movie or at a religious place. If you get a call that you must answer, then you should move out and then do that.
  • Don’t attend to work-related issues on your smartphone after work hours unless you have agreed to that in advance. It is better to meet your work-related contacts only during working hours.
  • Always reply to emails and text messages within 24-48 hours. If you are signing off, then make sure to inform your contacts in advance. It will help them not being concerned about you if you don’t respond within an accepted time frame.
  • If you are taking a walk with your spouse if you get a message, don’t attend to it right away. You should do that once you are back home and alone. The same should be done when you are meeting someone work-wise or other.
  • Never tag someone in a photo and post on a social media site without taking their prior permission.

Smartphones are a wizard tool that can help you stay organized, save time make multiple things comfortable for you. You should be in a position to use it as and when needed and not become over-dependent on it and neglect your other duties.

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