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Multiple banks offer Bitcoin transactions across the globe with utmost safety. However, before reading about the 5 exciting ways to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer instantly in your country, ensure that there are no legal laws related to the cryptocurrency. 


  • Etoro


Etoro is amongst the leading multi-asset platforms helping an investor with usual investment in stocks as well as in cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin transactions are free, but there is about a $5 withdrawal charge levied by this platform.

Etoro platform is available worldwide, but each country’s legal laws are different in dealing with Bitcoin. So, the investor must go through such legal laws as well before using the application.


  • Coinbase


Coinbase is a reliable marketplace for leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Here, cryptocurrency miners often sell and buy Bitcoins. There is an option for the investors or Bitcoin miners to manage their portfolio securely on this platform.

Each investor gets to schedule buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins on this platform. Therefore, neither the buyer nor the seller has to depend on a particular rate or date or time to deal with Bitcoins securely online. 

Coinbase also has secured vaults for keeping the bought Bitcoins with time delay features. This app is also available in 102 countries with responsive running over Android as well as iOS operated smart devices. 


  • Kraken


Kraken cryptocurrency exchanges are literally for everyone interested in dealing with Bitcoins. Be it an individual, a corporation, a company, or an association, everyone gets to trade in Bitcoin at Kraken.

To buy Bitcoin with bank transfer instantly on Kraken, the investor gets to open the official account on this website or exchange. There is endless support from the back-end team in regards to the queries related to the starting and the closure of each trade online. 

There is not even a single fee levied by the exchange on the trades you make online. Thus, there is a free way to buy, trade, or sell an unlimited number of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on Kraken.

As far as the availability goes, Kraken is worldwide, keeping the legal laws factor constant. For that, research yourself to be on the same page as other intellectual and practice investors of Bitcoin in your country.

At a very affordable price, the investors can use this exchange to manage each of their digital assets online, apart from the Bitcoin. There is ample support from the Bitcoin and digital asset guides hired by Kraken. So, your experience level will not hinder the overall exchange’s usability for your benefits. 


  • Gemini


Gemini is the new Bitcoin exchange platform where a bunch of friends can earn Bitcoins together. This exchange occasionally runs referral programs. One of them includes receiving $10 worth of Bitcoins if you and your friend complete the sale of $100 worth of Bitcoins. 

It is like a Bitcoin refund you get even after selling those amounting to $100 on the same exchange. 

This exchange focuses on trust. Investors who seek to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer instantly can use Gemini at the drop of a hat. That is because Gemini realizes its operations in the format of three strong pillars of security.

These are a strong defense against the possible threats online, protection of the investors against human error, guarding the website as well as the investor accounts against the misuse of the available insider access.

Gemini even has a multi-signature digital signature scheme. This scheme helps in eliminating different or single points of failure. It also protects the investor from losing the private key.


  • Wirex


Wirex is the ultimate Bitcoin exchange for the best mobility. An investor can store, sell, buy, and trade different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins as well as other traditional currency here. 

This platform happily runs over smart devices and also on the desktops. When a user signs up on Wirex, after the verification process completes, he or she is assigned the Wirex Visa card. 

This Visa card is helpful for the user or the investor to spend Bitcoins like the traditional money on different shopping platforms, both online and offline.

These areas include restaurants, shopping complexes, transport services, and the like. There is even a scheme named Crypto back that is run by Wirex. For every expenditure through the Wirex Visa card, users get 1.5 % Bitcoins back as a reward.

Thus, the ultimate way to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer instantly is easier through Wirex for everyday expenses to manage along the way. 


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