Sun. Apr 14th, 2024
Eliminate Data Sprawl

Data sprawl is pointed towards the staggering amount of data, which is produced by a business each day. This takes place because of the various mobile applications, data files, enterprise software and storage systems on which a company or an organization heavily relies on. Large amounts of data deliver plenty of benefits when it comes to analytics, but it can also cause severe issues when they get out of control. 

So, you need to efficiently manage the Data Sprawl when you want to avoid working within a chaotic ecosystem. Data sprawl has the power to put a particular organization at a much higher risk, such as data compromise and data theft. To prevent such things from taking place, you need to get data sprawl.

Way to terminate the presence of data sprawl

There are several ways through which you can safeguard your company’s data from data sprawl. Look below!

  1. The main reasons why data sprawl takes place is due to the gradual shift within the cloud. To eliminate data sprawl, you can take the help of a VPN that will encrypt the data in transit and will help you avoid data. But the best way to keep away from data sprawl is by creating a set of guidelines for the governing data. 
  2. Data governance stands out as important, even for all those data that are unseen. You must employ and develop a risk framework for your business that will use numerous components. These components are risk management, disposition, automated retention and compliance.
  3. When your business starts to grow, the usage of Cloud Services will also grow, which leads to data decentralization. This might lead to data breaches and poor visibility of data, and it will greatly hinder your business’s development. To prevent such problems from occurring, you must opt for the cloud disaster recovery solutions and services.
  4. The duplication of data can result in excess utilization of resources, such as memory and storage, which will lead to performance lag. If you want to be more agile, all you need to do is maintain just one single directory for all the data along with signatures and tags. You must also set up the correct governance policies, and it will do the trick.
  5. When there are data gaps, data theft and employee negligence, it will cause data sprawl. A VDI or virtual desktop interface, which is pretty hyper-converged will be useful for such situations. It’s because the VDIs are stateless, and no data gets stored within them. This will help in lessening the risks of data loss. 

Other ways to eliminate data sprawl

Even though there are so many ways, you can either manage or eliminate data sprawl. But the best way to take care of data sprawl is by implementing the multi-layer security. Doing so will not just cover the systems that have access to your data, but also the data itself. Apart from that, you can also integrate on software applications, which will help in breaking down all the information by making various branches and departments.

Ending Phrase

Data sprawl has been around for some time and stands out as a challenge for all the IT teams. Although you can stop data from generating, you can curb this particular phenomenon before it leads to unwanted data thefts and leaks.



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