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Safety and security need to be a priority in both residential and commercial properties, but particularly in care homes. This is because people who are typically vulnerable live in these spaces. 

Things like security and fire safety need to be taken seriously in care homes and there are a few key strategies that you can use to protect the residents, their belongings, staff and the entire facility.

1. Visitor management

A good place to start is with visitor management as you will want to make sure that everyone who visits has a legitimate reason to do so and that they know the person that they are visiting. You can improve visitor management in care homes by having a sign-in system that can be checked against an approved visitors list, with the use of ID cards and guest passes and with a metal detector for people entering the facility. 


Following on from this, CCTV is also hugely beneficial for improving both safety and security in care homes. CCTV cameras can provide protection for residents, staff and visitors, plus it also allows you to react swiftly if someone has a health issue onsite as you can have someone constantly monitoring the footage. 

3. Fire safety

As with any other type of building, it is vital that you make fire safety a priority. There are many ways to do this, including having fire exits and routes that should always be kept clear and having an evacuation plan in place that is tested regularly. 

Keep in mind that mobility can be an issue in care homes, so you may need to develop a different strategy in order to get your residents to safety. You should also have fire safety equipment onsite, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and a sprinkler system.

4. Insurance

You must also make sure that you have adequate insurance in place for your care home business that can provide financial protection against the specific threats that you face. You will want to work with an insurance company that specialises in care and healthcare so that you can have coverage tailored to your business for comprehensive cover and peace of mind.

5. Provide a safe environment

Finally, you need to provide a safe environment for your care home residents – keeping in mind many will be vulnerable – along with staff and visitors. This will involve ensuring that all equipment and items are assessed and replaced when needed, investing in high-quality and safe equipment and making sure that the facility is regularly cleaned and sanitised, especially in the current climate.

Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for ways to improve safety and security in a care home to create a better facility for both your residents and employees.

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