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Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be a part of your social media marketing strategy. It is an excellent platform for connecting with corporate leaders, decision-makers, and high-earners.

Learn how to use LinkedIn for business in 5 different ways.


  • LinkedIn must be used as a Networking Tool 


Full advantage must be taken with LinkedIn networking capabilities. You must do 3 things:

  • Connecting with people
  • Interacting with people 
  • An all-star profile must be built


  • Connecting with people


You must connect with your colleagues, friends, family, and some of the people you may know or also don’t know at all. You need to grow your connections on LinkedIn. You must keep a public profile and must always be open to connecting with others. You can always get new opportunities on LinkedIn. 


  • Interacting with people   


It’s not enough to simply use LinkedIn as a publishing platform; you must also communicate with others and form meaningful connections if you want to maximize LinkedIn’s networking potential.Share interesting comments on other people’s posts. Be sure to respond to comments when you add your own material.


  • An all-star profile must be built 


Connecting with others isn’t enough. Also, your profile and business page must be edited and well invested. Create a detailed profile that tells readers everything they need to know about you, including contact details and next steps


  • LinkedIn must be used as a publishing platform 


For content creators, LinkedIn is a great platform.You can use LinkedIn as a native publishing tool and create exclusive content for your LinkedIn audience in addition to posting status updates and linking back to content on your blog.

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  • Using LinkedIn to manage your online reputation  


The first rule of online reputation management is to have complete control over all of the results that appear on Google’s first page of search results when someone types your company name into the search box.

Obviously, you want your site’s content to rank, but it’s also a good idea to assert as many social profiles as possible under your company’s name, even if you don’t intend to be very involved in them.


  • Obtaining Leads and Growing Conversions 


LinkedIn will help you create leads and convert customers whether your company is B2B or B2C. It is a great platform for connecting with professionals and getting genuine leads. The reason is that this platform is used for professional purposes and a lot of irrelevant traffic has been filtered because it is mostly used for corporate purposes.


  • Finding new talents on LinkedIn


Premium subscriptions are offered by LinkedIn and make it easier to find talents. You can do the followings with a recruiter plan: 

  • Job vacancies should be posted 
  • Direct messages must be sent to at least 30 potential people to work with. 
  • In order to find what you’re searching for; advanced search options must be used. 
  • The candidate pool must be sorted and managed. 

If you’re just getting started with your company and don’t have a recruiting manager or HR department yet, Recruiter Lite can be a great solution.

And if you have a hiring manager, Recruiter Lite can be helpful in vetting applicants.You can also save a lot of money. To sum up, LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool for your business, whether you’re trying to extend your network, manage your online reputation, scale your business, drive valuable social traffic to your web, or find and cultivate leads.

Even if you spend more time on other social media sites, you can set up a LinkedIn page for your company and begin exploring these possibilities.

Every company’s audience is different, and you might find that you have a lot of interaction on LinkedIn.Only by spending more time there would you be able to find out.


  • 8 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Personal Brand 


When it comes to selling themselves, digital marketers must be strategic.It’s easy to concentrate so much on your company that you don’t devote enough time to your personal brand.

But keep in mind that you are a direct representation of your business.Since you are the face of your company, developing your personal brand is important. One way to do so is to create a strong personal LinkedIn profile.


  • Your profile must be optimized 


Since LinkedIn is both a search engine and social media site, the terms you use are extremely relevant. When potential clients or employers check LinkedIn, what keywords do you want to be found for?The keywords must be determined in your headline, summary, job title, and job description. 

Picking the right words on your profile can make a huge difference. Your profile can either be found or invisible. It all depends on the keywords on your Profile. 


  • Your LinkedIn profile must be approached like a living resume 


Your LinkedIn profile must be updated whenever you start a new career, post an article. This is because if you don’t have enough information on your profile, it might make people leave your profile because of insufficient information. It should have relevant and up to date information.


  • Your description must be used to sell yourself  


Make it precise by including some statistics and figures.For example, claiming that you increased site traffic by X% would be much more persuasive than simply calling yourself an SEO expert.

Emphasize the most significant achievements that are important to the clients and/or jobs you want to attract.




  • Here are things you must know before posting a profile picture on LinkedIn: 


  • Your shoulders and face should be included 
  • Do not use accessories (such as sunglasses, hats…) 
  • Make sure to smile and to have a good lighting 
  • Avoid selfies 
  • Dress formally 


  • Your cover photo must be creative  


You may also add a cover picture to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a perfect way to stand out and give your profile a special twist.

Consider using your company’s logo or an illustration associated with your career (a novelist might use a typewriter or pen, whereas an accountant might use a spreadsheet).


  • All connections requests must be accepted  


You have zero reasons not to accept the requests you’re receiving as you’re already public and professional. Having a bigger network will lead to a wider network and more opportunities. 

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