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Keeping your skin dry may result in serious scalp problems. The scalp is also a part of the skin, and just like the rest of the skin, it needs proper care. The scalp has hair, making it more delicate and easily targeted by parasites such as dandruff. Keeping your scalp moisturized helps with itching of the skin. If your skin gets dry easily, it means your scalp also dries fast, and you will need to moisturize it occasionally. Here are tips to help you with keeping your skin moisturized.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils help with skin itching. They are easily absorbed into the skin to provide instant relief and healthy skin. Some Colorescience essential oils, such as coconut oil, may help your skin break down any fungus colonies on your scalp. Essential oils also help nourish the roots of the hair, giving a firm hold to the scalp and a shiny glow.

Using A Moisturizing Shampoo

When washing your hair, choose a shampoo that keeps your scalp moisturized even after drying your hair. Such shampoos consist of antibacterial properties that keep the skin healthy. Some moisturizing shampoo also consists of essential oils that help keep the scalp healthy.

Understanding The Cause Of Your Scalp Dryness

There are multiple reasons as to why your skin might itch. For instance, if you are using the wrong hair product on your scalp, it will itch, resulting in dryness. You may also have some fungus that may grow on your scalp, resulting in dryness. Other reasons for a dry scalp may include skin diseases, over-drying your hair, and using multiple hair products. Study your scalp and determine the cause of the itchiness for a proper remedy. If you suspect having any skin conditions, see a dermatologist.

Treat Your Scalp

You can use your Cantu hair treatment products to help treat your scalp. Hair treatment is done at least once every two weeks. Ask your hairdresser to add some hair treatment to your scalp before a makeover. Scalp treats help strengthen your scalp to avoid hair cutting and remove bacteria that may cause itchiness.


Hair exfoliators help with removing the dead skin on your scalp. Old skin may result in hair scaling, creating a home for dandruff. To exfoliate your scalp, your hairdresser will ensure that your hair is wet and add moisturizing shampoo to the skin. The exfoliator is then added, and the scalp is gently scrubbed with a hairbrush or fingers. If you choose to apply an exfoliator directly to the skin, ensure that it’s done in small sections reaching the whole scalp.

Your hair products are the key determinant of how your scalp is nurtured. Hair moisturizers keep the skin wet to avoid itchiness. Skin exfoliation will remove the dead skin on your scalp and keep off itchy dandruff. Also, remember to use essential oils for scalp fungal infections. If you have serious skin conditions, ensure to visit your dermatologists before trying any commercial or natural hair products.

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