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Do you find that your Internet connection is becoming increasingly slow? Are websites taking ages to load? If the answer to all these queries is in a big yes, then it’s time to take a strict action. No, no, there’s no need to be an expert to deal with your connection’s ailments. All you need to do is just perform Netgear WiFi extender setup and be familiar with different ways to boost your Internet speed. Here is a list of 6 easy ways to speed up your slow Internet connection in no time. You can choose any method which suits you the best. Let us walk you through the list.

  1. Find a better place for your WiFi router

Access points or wireless routers work by transmitting radio signals in all directions. Given that those signals hold very high frequency, so they usually have a small range. In addition to this, they get obstructions by various metal objects like microwave oven, concrete walls and smartphones which cause the degradation of signal quality and speed.

In order to fix this, you should consider relocating your device. Generally, if you access web nearby access point, it will provide great speed. But on the other hand, if it is placed behind objects, you can face slowdown in speed.

It is recommended to place your device at an open place. Also, make sure to put it at a place that is far away from interferences.

  1. Disable useless or extra Internet-connected devices

Another reason why you are facing issues with speed is useless or extra Internet-connected devices. They can eat up a significant amount of bandwidth. In case you have more than one smartphone, tablet, PC, game consoles, smart home devices, and smart TVs, all of these may be culprit in lower bandwidth available.

If you think that when your devices are idle after turning on, they are not making use of your data then let us tell you it is just your misconception. Most of the devices come with a feature to automatically download and install updates as soon as they become available. And upgrading process includes the use of your web data and bandwidth. There may be multiple devices installing updates on a regular basis and that too without your knowledge.

So, it’s always better to turn off unused or additional network-connected devices.

  1. Switch to another wireless channel

WiFi access points transmit their signal on a particular channel or wavelength. Several equipments come with approximately 14 available channels, though some have more. Modern routers generally function between 2400 and 2500MHz channels.

In case you are living in an urban community, chances are your devices are picking up numerous signals from neighbors. Various access points automatically select an available channel but it is usually the least-effective one. That’s why users should change their channel to boost Internet speed. Mywifiext is a website which allows users to get the job done with ease.

  1. Reboot your equipment

Another way to speed up your connection is to reboot your equipment. Doing so will clear cache, memory and any background process that is unnecessarily running and make your web run faster.

In order to reboot your device, unplug it and plug it back again. Then press the reset button at the bottom or back side of it. All settings will come back to their default values. After that, modify them as per your preferences by logging in to mywifiext.net

  1. Beware of malware and other worms

A web worm is a malicious program which reaches from one device to another via networks. In case any of your connections become infected by malware, they may start producing network traffic unexpectedly, making it slow down. Make sure to keep up to date your antimalware or antivirus software from time to time.

Here’s to hope that above-mentioned tips will definitely help you boost your Internet connection. Don’t forget to mention in the comments box below that how did you find this post and whether it proved helpful for you.

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