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A private network is a network that is solely for enterprise customers with includes dedicated network components on enterprise location. The aim of the private 5G is basically to provide the organization or industry with greater ability and control of the network performance like latency, bandwidth, Quality of service (QoS), and Quality of Experience (QoE) with rigorous testing with Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accuarte RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester. A higher level of bandwidth provided by the 5G technology with private networks is obtaining large traction supporting many use cases such as industrial automation, Industrial Internet of things (IIoT), AR/VR and many more.

There are 2 types of private 5G networks 

Standalone non-public networks (SNPN): This is a type of Private 5G network that is isolated from 5G public networks and that is not available for access by any civilian.

Public network-integrated NPN (PNI-NPN): This type of network can generally be accessed by the general public.

What are the challenges of 5G private networks?

  • Industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, etc have 5G private networks deployed widely. Thus, measuring the user QoE network coverage in the preferred location using traditional tools is challenging because of logistical challenges and associated costs.
  • Due to lack of daily performance data on 5G private networks and depending on the main CSPs for performance data report mainly when PNI-NPN networks configuration is done.
  • Exposure to the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the network is limited, which will lead to a lack of business users.
  • Considering the traditional RF measurement tools tend to produce a large number of data that is lower layer information. This information is resource-intensive to process instead skill resources are required.
  • 5G Indoor network measurement often requires upgradation. RF measurement should be done by RF professionals and usage of hardware components is necessary that may lead to logistical issues in case of multiple site validation.
  • According to sources there are no effective tools to monitor user experience in the private network.

What are the solutions of RantCell for 5G private networks?

  • RantCell can be deployed on any Android phone and can be monitored on RantCell Dashboard.
  • RantCell solution will monitor remote devices daily 24/7 by running automated scripts.
  • RantCell also supports Indoor/outdoor coverage: Indoor coverage can be measured by uploading multiple floor plans supported by the RantCell pro app.
  • RantCell will provide support for both SNPN and PNI-NPN.
  • RantCell has Cloud-based to support big data measurement and is highly scalable that can monitor worldwide private network sites.
  • RantCell app is a highly portable solution supported by any of the Android phones where logistical costs can be avoided for any of the international locations.

In Conclusion, the RantCell solution is one of the best apps for network testing that will perform field testing and Improve network efficiency. RantCell also has strategic field testing which can reduce the field test cost significantly. Customers can get measure network QoE with existing business smartphones and tablets through the Micro crowdsourcing feature. By continuous detection and optimization of the problems, network services can provide a better user experience.

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