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Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas

In this pandemic, our schedules have just erupted. We find ourselves just spending our days sleeping and binge-watching few shows and films. It’s been over six months now, and we’re still at home. Some are blessed to be at home with our loved ones but some are not. 

We are trying our best to involve ourselves in every important event and celebration of our loved ones. We all have missed out on some birthdays, special events and anniversaries of our favorite people. However, even if we are not able to meet them we can send them presents and gifts to make them feel like you’re around. To make the day of your girlfriend extra special, let all your friends sign a group ecard. Ecardforest lets you do that very easily.

Is your partner’s birthday approaching and you haven’t thought about it yet? Do you feel confused about what to give your girlfriend? No need to worry, we have six Birthday Gifts for Her ideas for your girlfriend in lockdown.

Make A Unique Birthday Video 

You might think this is very cliche these days, but making a birthday video is just the basic idea. Making a birthday video does involve a lot of effort but you don’t have anything to do and you can do it for your girl. 

You can make stickers or Gifs of yourself and her. Then think of the most memorable, comic or romantic moments and compile a video of that. You can then ask your girl to identify each one of them and she will be touched with this video 

Make sure that the video contains some humour or some romantic moments which you love the most. You can also compile clips of short messages. These are just two ideas you can get creative and improvise. 

Get Her A Netflix Or Amazon Subscription 

If she loved watching movies and shows, what better than Netflix or Amazon. By doing this she can watch any movie or show she desires to and also binge watch some series of her choice. 

You might think it’s a silly idea, but honestly for those cinema lovers there’s nothing better than this. It’s simple and will make your girl very happy in this period of boredom. Now it’s your decision to settle whether Netflix suits her best or Amazon. 

Order A Customized Birthday Cake And Some Food 

What better than a cake itself? If your girlfriend is a food lover, this is the best gift. You can simply place an order with some customization. Pick something from her favourites, like if she’s a Marvel fan you can get her an Iron Man or Captain America or any Marvel character she likes. 

If not you can just pick a picture of your favorite moments. Along with it just add some food from her favorite restaurant and you’re done. Your girl will be very happy and you will be satisfied. 

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Order Something Which She Has Always Wanted 

We know a lot of our suggestions are saying ‘order’, but that’s all we’re currently able to do. You must definitely know if there’s something your girlfriend has wanted ever since. Now is the chance! Go online, order whatever she wants and get it delivered to her doorstep. Honestly there’s nothing better than giving someone what they’ve been longing for. 

Plan A Virtual Party Or Meet Up 

Another option is that you contact her friends with whom she hasn’t had contact in a long time and whom she loves. Invite them to a virtual party or a small meetup. Meeting old friends and talking to them after ages is one of the best feelings and nothing can beat that. You may have to dig a little deep to find their contact numbers but you can do it and your girl is going to love it! 

You Can Get A Little Naughty 

If you feel like, your girl should be able to embrace her intimacy in private and if you are so close to her, you can get a little naughty. You can give her a toy like a dildo too which will aid her private time and give her the best experience. You can easily buy it from here.


We have provided you with some ideas which we think will work well. You can go ahead and pick one from these and ensure that your loved ones are happy on their special day. 

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