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Dr. Martin Maag, a hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch, asserts that balding myths can throw you off balance, confusing misconceptions with facts. However, analyzing the various myths can help victims overcome the lies on male pattern baldness, prompting them to battle the actual balding causes. Common hair loss misconceptions include:

  • Hair loss is only a concern for the men

A significant percentage of the world population believes that hair loss is an issue that affects men only. Far from the archaic view, the condition is not a preserve for the male gender. Like men, women experience a similar hair-loss pattern. Common factors likely to contribute to hair loss in women include hormonal changes and stress triggered by worrying about balancing between office and housework.

  • Overexposure to the sun triggers hair loss

Though the sun has little to do with your hair loss, overexposure to the harmful UV rays can be detrimental to the hair strands. The sun’s rays weaken the strands, making them appear dull, something a trim or a spa treatment can address. To prevent the UV rays from weakening your hair, your healthcare provider might advise you to wear a headscarf or a cap.

  • Wearing caps and hats can cause balding

Though covering your hair is essential to minimize exposure to the sun’s rays, myths tell you that caps will cause your hair to fall off. The logic behind this is that the hat prevents your strands from breathing, thus loosening the strands. Your hair receives oxygen from your follicles, providing the strands with the essential requirement. However, a dirty hat might result in hair infection, eventually causing your hair to fall off.

  • Balding is a common issue with old age

Hair loss is not a preserve for older men. You might start losing hair in your teens, with the condition climaxing in your 20s to 30s. Losing hair at a young age does not mean that you are old. Various factors contribute to hair loss at an early age, including genetics. Thus, predominant balding genes might force you to start losing hair earlier.

  • Hair sprays and gels contribute to balding

Hair oil is ideal for your hair, as it provides the nutrients needed to remain glossy, thick, and healthy. However, individuals prefer using gel over hair oil because of their messy handling. The issue with gel lies in using mechanical equipment like straighteners to style your hair. Unfortunately, overuse of the equipment might damage your hair strands.    

  • Increased testosterone levels might trigger balding

  Your increased testosterone hormone level has nothing to do with hair loss. Male pattern balding is a result of different men’s hair follicles’ reactions to the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone.

  • Cutting your hair gives rise to thicker and healthier hair

Cutting your thin and damaged hair for a fresh start has little to do with how your hair grows back. Thus, the rate of your hair renewal has little to do with a person’s lifestyle. Whatever the cause of your growing bald spot, it might be challenging to control the condition.

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