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So you’re finally done writing a book and you spent months (or maybe years) on it to complete your work. But it doesn’t end there. Getting your book in front of your audience is the next step of your author journey and you want to be good at it too.

Whether you’re Book Publishing traditionally or choosing self-publishing, your work should be able to attract enough readers and grab as much attention as possible for a successful book launch.

Here are 6 interesting ideas you can opt for to promote your book well.

1.   Join an author community

Find a good author or writing community in person and online to develop contacts with your peers and people who are in the same boat as you. Let other authors know about what’s coming up next so they can share their ideas and help in your book marketing.

2.   Create a digital presence

Building a digital presence has become the need of the hour not only for digital businesses but for authors as well. Create an author website with an about us page, book details, and contact information to build an authoritative medium for yourself. Next, build an engaging social media profile and a blog to share informative and regular posts and convey your value to your audience.

3.   Launch your book with a price promotion

One of the best book marketing tools you can choose is reducing your book price or setting a special discount offer to promote more sales of your book. This will give an advantage to new readers who don’t know you yet to read about your work at a heavily discounted price.

4.   Create author profile on Goodreads and BookBub

Joining popular digital book platforms such as Goodreads and BookBub will expand your circle further among the author community and attract more leads to your book. You can build an author profile on both platforms and interact with other authors and readers. Once you reach 1000 followers on BookBub, you can send BookBub pre-order alerts to your fans.

5.   Contact bookstores for a launch party

Contact your local indie bookstore or community relations manager either your launch event or book writers for hire pre-launch book promotion gathering. Since you’re now going to become a published author, local bookstores may want to partner with you to promote similar endeavours. You can contact your friends and family and fellow authors to join you at the event and local news outlets to cover it for the press.

6.   Spread the word

When your launch date comes closer, it’s time to break the news and announce the event of your anticipated book launch. Share the venue, date, and timings of the event through the mailing lists and social media to update your followers. After a successful book launch, keep continuing your efforts of promoting your book and arrange meetings and events with bloggers and authors to share your book.

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