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Workspace Characteristics

Del Mar, the beach city in San Diego, has contributed much to the tech start-up scene, which has led many firms to move here from Los Angeles and the Bay Area. 

With a hike of tech jobs and Amazon recently announcing its plans for creating new jobs in San Diego, Del Mar’s office buildings have taken the innovative route to offer businesses and employees creative spaces to host their offices.

If you are looking to set up a Del Mar office, here are six creative workspace characteristics that you should look for. 

Flexible Spaces and Common Areas

A survey result showed that 25% of Americans spend almost 45-59 hours per week working. This can naturally make half of them feel stressed out and the other half overworked.

But now, since most of the employees work on a laptop instead of a desktop, you no longer have to hold on to the one desk, one employee model. Look for a co-working culture within the office. 

It is even better if there are multiple working environments like desk booking policy or hot-desking and more. Check if the prospective Del Mar office has smaller desks, big tables, standing desks, couches, movable desks, breakout spaces to accommodate restless employees. 

Creative workspace characteristics should also include cafes and libraries within the office to create a collaborative and fun atmosphere.

Elements That Initiate Face to Face Interaction

Possessing the best of both worlds, Del Mar and other cities in San Diego make a perfect vacation spot for the holiday goers and also a highly equipped tech hub for the dream chasers. It is the perfect interaction spot where work meets play.

Thus, it’s natural to expect the same atmosphere in your office space at Del Mar? Employee interaction is significant to derive positive outcomes. Without direct interactions, many ideas and many strategies which may be of great value often go unnoticed. 

Creative specifications like Atriums can visually connect spaces and bring in natural light, which can reduce stress. Internal staircases, when located in the right places, can lead to chance encounters and conversations. Open workspaces promote more collaboration and foster creativity.

Look For Technology

There are many innovative workspaces in Del Mar which make use of high-end technologies. When looking for a Del Mar office, you can look if they have incorporated technology to make the spaces more functional and accessible.

One example is interactive LED video walls. Having this as a part of the office space can be very beneficial, especially in office spaces in cities like Del Mar and other parts of San Diego, which have many technology-based start-ups. 

These interactive LED walls can help keep everyone informed. With AI, it can also spark conversations relevant to upcoming and current projects in the company. 

Gathering and Collaborative Spaces

As discussed previously, human interactions are key to the business. Interactions lead to conversations, which leads to debates, knowledge sharing, ideations, and finally, the process. Spaces play an essential part in creating and facilitating human interaction.

Look if the gathering spaces are placed strategically throughout the workspace area for chance meetings, interactions, and spark communication. Such chance encounters can sometimes link people who do not connect regularly, and who knows, they can even spearhead a new project together. 

Unconventional Spaces

Even though outdoor meeting rooms may sound unconventional, they can be an innovative amenity to look for in a modern office set-up. Renting a del mar office space at areas like Camino Del Mar, Jimmy Durante Blvd, or Ocean 8 View will let you have incredible beach views and if you are lucky, even outdoor gathering spaces.

As the younger generations have started to fill in the majority of the workforce, you have to look for creative elements that will cater to their needs. One way to do that is by looking for workspaces that offer comfort and a home-like feel, with outdoor patios, bean bags, couches, meditation rooms, gaming systems, and more. 

The employees can use these spaces to meet and collaborate and have some relaxing downtime. 

Biophilic Elements

Most of the adults spend an average of 85-90% of their time indoors. This breaks the link between you and nature. You can give your employees the chance to connect with nature by looking for office spaces in areas like Jimmy Durante Blvd, located only at a walking distance from the beach. 

Or, you can look for a biophilic design in the workspace. Look for natural lighting elements, plants, textures, and white walls. These natural elements act as noise buffers and also provide privacy when needed. They enhance employee wellness, and live plants also increase the quality of air in the space. 

No matter its size or nature, flexibility is significant in today’s workplace environment. By choosing Del Mar, you are already one step ahead in creativity. Besides, use these creative options and look for a human-centric workplace to engage your employees in a healthy and active work culture to promote your business.


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