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Medical sciences have progressed by leaps and bounds as the last couple of decades have witnessed significant breakthroughs and innovations. But, these innovations have also created peculiar challenges which, when coupled with an unprecedented increase in the number of patients, paint a grim picture of modern hospitals.

As a result, doctors are making mistakes that they never did in the past, and as a result, more and more people are filing for personal injury claims. Recent studies have reported that medical errors are the leading cause of death globally. Cities like Washington, D.C, are prone to medical negligence. Filing a personal injury claim is the best option a victim will have following medical negligence. You will need the help of a medical negligence lawyer when claiming compensation. Hiring a Washington, D.C., hospital negligence lawyer can help you a lot in claiming compensation.

we have listed here six dreadful medical mistakes committed by doctors, so that you can prevent similar mistakes from happening to you or your family.

  1. Operating on the wrong patient:

It may sound ridiculous, but the fact that it has happened qualifies it to be included in the list. Doctors have a chance of mixing up patients who have the same name and belong to a similar age group. Therefore, it is paramount that you keep asking about every procedure that you are scheduled for so that you are in a better position to negotiate if you are encountered with a similar situation. In such circumstances, do not forget to file a medical malpractice lawsuit by hiring the best local medical malpractice lawyers.

  1. Injecting air emboli:

Air emboli or a bubble of air may not seem a big deal, but it can block your heart and other organs if it enters into your circulatory system. A considerable number of deaths are reported worldwide because of the doctor’s inability to seal the wound properly after the surgery. There is not much you can do to prevent it beforehand, but you can remind the doctor of your concerns so that he is more vigilant during surgery.

  1. Wrong Diagnosis:

Even good doctors struggle to diagnose complicated diseases because the patients show confusing symptoms that are difficult to decipher. But, unfortunately, doctors are struggling to diagnose even the most common diseases like cancer, hypertension, and cardiovascular ailments.

Therefore, do not just be a passive listener while dealing with a doctor, and instead ask questions and utilize the information available on the internet, so that the doctor gives you a more informed diagnosis.

  1. Wrong Medication:

It is one of the most common mistakes committed by doctors. Sometimes, they are due to a misdiagnosis, and the other times, they end up writing drugs that either do not work or interact with each other. There have also been cases where doctors prescribed wrong doses of accurate medication, resulting in severe injuries to the patients. Therefore, when you are handed over the prescription, take it to the nearest pharmacist to validate the accuracy of the prescribed drugs.

  1. Emergency rooms:

Hospitals have emergency rooms to deal with emergencies, but the patients’ traffic has increased so much over the past decade that often patients that require the most urgent care end up being neglected.

  1. Operating on the wrong body part:

It is another dreadful mistake committed by doctors, and there have been multiple cases reported by various hospitals to second this ridiculous mistake. Therefore, always ask your surgeon to mark the area to be operated. Moreover, confirm the details of the surgery before you are being taken to the procedure room so that there is a lesser chance of being wrongfully operated.

Now that you know all about various mistakes committed by doctors, it is paramount that you keep them in mind, so that prevent such mishaps when you go to a hospital to address your medical concerns.

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