Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
6 Helpful Tips on How to be Comfortable in Your First Date

First dates can be as exciting and nerve-wracking as presenting in front of the class or in a business meeting. You have to be prepared in what you have to say and to answer questions related to what you are presenting.

Dating is like extending yourself outside of your comfort zone.  You expect nothing but pure getting-to-know each other for hours. If you find a good company on your first date, good for you; but if not, better luck next time. Aside from being yourself, as what others say, here are some tips for you to be comfortable on your first date:

  1. Less expectation, less mistake

Do not expect that everything will go perfect and smooth. You can be good at communication online or via text messages, but for sure, you both might stutter when talking face-to-face. Avoid unrealistic expectations that the one you are going to date is the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. While it can be true to some (good for them), it’s just always not the case. Dating can be your first step to love, but you never know what will happen next.

  1. Be comfortable with what you wear

If you’re not comfortable to wear an above the knee skirt, and if wearing high heels is not your comfort zone, then don’t. Sometimes wearing your sneakers is just all you need. You can surf women sneakers online and look for your jeans and comfortable shirts in your cabinet. Just make sure that your styling fits with your sneakers and the place you are going to.

  1. Dates are more enjoyable in the daytime

You both can enjoy the cold breeze near the ocean or have fun under the sun with daytime activities. Don’t be afraid to try something new.  You can play with low-key but fun activities like card games and video games in a mall. Just don’t be afraid to try childish things!

  1. Prepare for a humorous and serious talk

Talks are nicely done when you least expect them. Always believe in the proper timing to ask questions or tell stories. For example, you can start speaking about the website where you bought your women sneakers online. You might compliment the polo or shirt he is wearing. Simple talks can lead to a deeper conversation.

  1. Focus on what’s in front of you

Do not touch your phone often in front of your date. You might appear to be uninterested, and it may offend the other person. Keeping your eyes and your attention to your date makes it more compelling to both of you. You don’t want to be ignored when you’re with someone, isn’t it?

  1. Be honest about the result

Always have an exit plan. If you feel that the guy is not the type of company you are looking for then end it well. If the first date works, always have the time to send a message, offer a hug or a kiss on the cheek. Women tend to appreciate gentlemen on the first date. Your first impression is really important, and it matters.

With all of these things, always keep in mind that first dates are just an initial step to better know your date. If you feel a connection, but the first date didn’t work for both of you, consider giving a second chance. Maybe you both didn’t know what to do, or you even think that putting heavy make-up or wearing high heels will turn guys on. That is not always the case. Sometimes, the simpler, the better. The more comfortable you are, the sparks you make are more impactful.

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