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6 Most Lucrative Nursing Specialties

Pursuing a specific nursing career can help you benefit a lot from ever-increasing employment opportunities in the medical sector. Furthermore, with your specialization, you can advance your current career from general practice to specialties.

An RN or registered nurse is responsible for providing and coordinating patient care, educatingthe public and patients about several health conditions, and offering emotional support and advice to the patients as well as their family members. Most RNs work in the team with physicians, other medical specialists in varying settings.

However, if you are currently working, taking out time to study and putting a hold on your career can be a risky decision. If you do not make the right choice, you will end up losing the current job and regret your decision. This is why it is important to know about the highest paying nurse jobs that are going to be in demand in the coming years as well. The list mentioned below will highlight the highest paying nursing careers.

Nurse Midwife

Being a nurse midwife is probably the most beautiful thing because you will be bringing new lives to the world almost every day. As a nurse midwife, you have to care for the patient through the challenges and joys of pregnancy, birth, and labor. You will be delivering babies as well as work with obstetricians throughout the pregnancy period.

You would provide the patients with expert care as well as emotional support during such a special period of any woman’s life. However, during complications, you will be responsible for saving two lives at one time, which can be stressful.

Pediatric Nurse

If you love kids and nursing, this would be a satisfying job for you. Tackling kids requires a lot of patience, persuasiveness, and playfulness. If you think you would become a good pediatric nurse and do not mind attending children, you should try to become a pediatric nurse. Once you have gained experience working with kids as an RN, take the required exam.

However, it is advisable to gain experience by working at a pediatric intensive care unit, clinical environment involving children, and pediatric rehabilitation unit, so that you have an idea about what it is like to be a pediatric nurse.

Nurse Anesthetist

This is probably the highest paying nursing job. One of the reasons is that a nurse anesthetist is more prone to complications of possible lawsuits coming their way. Also, they require high levels of training to make sure their decisions are taken with the utmost consideration.

The main responsibility of a nurse anesthetist is to give the patients anesthesia who are going into surgery. So, you should be able to gauge the responses of your patients to anesthesia post- and pre-operation, which needs fast discernment in the emergency situations.

Critical Care Nurse

Intensive care unit (ICU) or critical care nurses have to be quick under pressure as well as have excellent decision-making quality. If your idea of life-saving nurse implies intervening in crucial moments of the patient’s health, this niche would fulfill your ambitions well.

ICU nurses should remain calm under pressure and also think clearly during situations with high risk factor. Apart from measuring the vitals, an ICU nurse also administers IV fluids, talks to the patient’s families, treats wounds and performs medical procedures. So, you must have independent, strong leadership along with powerful communication skills.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

If you choose this niche, you will be treating patients with an array of mental health and psychiatric disorders along with behavioral challenges. In this field, the ailments would not be like what most nurse practitioners work with. You have to provide medical treatment and counseling as well as offer mental comfort to the patients. This means you will be making a positive and life-changing impact.

A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner offers daily mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological support. They help patients avoid poverty, isolation and other conditions that can develop because of these conditions. Such a nurse can work in family, individual, or group settings. If you think you are collaborative and compassionate in a crisis during mental treatment, you can choose this path.

Gerontological nurse practitioner

If you like working with the elderly, this might be your calling. Apart from being a high-paying option, the demand for gerontological nurse practitioners is rising with time due to an increase in the average lifespan and the size of baby boomer population. As a result, the number of old patients will keep increasing in the coming years. If you choose this career, you would be able to work in clinics, hospitals, or nursing homes. The elderly people have particular health needs and this is why there is a need for nursing specialization.

The above-mentioned are the kind of careers that are seeing and will witness a rise in demand. Depending on your interest, you can choose any of them or other specializations in nursing.

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