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Here is the list of basic appliances you must have in your kitchen, without these your kitchen will be incomplete. There are various kitchen appliances in the market however, here we have come up with most basic appliances that every Indian household needs to run a kitchen. 

First and foremost a kitchen needs a Gas Stove without which there is no kitchen. Secondly, you would need the appliances like Mixer Grinder, Non Stick Pan Set, Pressure Cooker, Wet Grinder & Milk Boiler and best Sir John’s Gifts for your home.

Gas Stove:

Gas stove is the queen of all kitchen appliances. Having a gas stove is bliss! Without any struggles of finding the firewood, greasing & lighting, gas stove saves a lot of time & effort. Indeed a great invention of all times! People in cities nowadays only use gas stove for cooking. Village people also start using gas stoves due to its amazing benefits and less time of cooking.

Mixer Grinder:

Masalas & Chutneys are an important day to day cooking essential of an Indian cuisine. A mixer grinder does its job quick & steady saving a lot of time & human effort. You just need to cut, chop & grind the ingredients. For making smoothies for breakfast or milkshakes, mixer grinder is best. You can buy the latest model mixer grinders which are high on aesthetic appeal and are equipped with a high-power hybrid motor that makes grinding and processing food easy. 

Non Stick Pan Set:

A non-stick surface is engineered in reducing the ability of other materials to stick to it. Non-stick coating allows the food to turn brown without sticking to the pan. Due to less need of oil on non stick surface, it is the best option for cooking. With a proper lid you can steam and keep the food warm. There are many items that you can make with the help of non stick pan set. Try to make some new food items for your lunch with the non stick pan set.

Pressure Cooker:

With pressure cooking you need less water than other types of cooking, and food can be prepared sooner. It is required very little energy than other methods of cooking like boiling and steaming. This is the reason, you get the food ready in less time. It is faster than most conventional cooking methods. The pressure cooker will not heat up your kitchen when it’s cooking. You also get less smell of cooking if you cook on pressure cooker as it is tightly sealed. All these benefits make pressure cooker must required kitchen appliances for every home.

Wet Grinder:

Wet grinder is an essential appliance for any south indian household, where idli & dosa are staple food. Every week we soak rice, dal & fenugreek and then grind them using a wet grinder to make idli/dosa batter for the next week. Have you heard the sound of a wet grinder when it’s operating? Such a nostalgic sound, I simply get back to the olden days where my mother tells us stories when the grinder does its job. Wet grinder does the things better than other grinder when you need it for grinding above mentioned food.

Milk Boiler:

To preserve the nutrients & flavor of milk, it is suggested to use the milk boiler. 

Milk gets to the boiling temperature slowly and gently with the double boiler design. Eliminating excessive heat resulting in scorched flavor and formating good protein layers. It is easy to boil milk in milk boiler. Also, it takes less time and easy to take with you while traveling. We recommend you to buy one milk boiler for your home.

Above mentioned are the most basic kitchen appliances that are a must haves of any middle class kitchen in India. Other smart appliances that you might require for your kitchen are Microwave Oven, OTG, Induction Stove, Electric Rice Cooker, Electric Kettle, Coffee Maker, Dish Washer, Chimney, Juicer, Toaster, Etc.Depending on your budget, convenience and lifestyle, you can buy the appliances, not every household would require OTG or Dishwasher. 


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