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Buying a home can be the biggest purchase you will ever make. At least until you buy your second and most expensive home. The real estate market seems to have cooled recently. 

However, home ownership is still an important part of everyone’s dream. It can also be a great way to build wealth over time if done right. Here are some tips for a first time home buyer.

1. Maintain your credibility

It’s not time to open a new line of credit. Lenders will provide you with a credit report when you apply for a mortgage. They will do this again before receiving your home and mortgage. They can jeopardize your final approval if they discover that you have taken out another loan or line of credit, that your credit has increased, or that you started paying too late. Make sure your bills are paid on time. Do not try to sway your reputation for better or for worse or make risky expenses. Lenders want to see if your future payment behavior patterns are consistent and reliable.

2. How Much Should You Deposit? 

Historically, the standard deposit has been 20% or more. However, first-time homebuyers can often buy a home with little or no down payment. Making a larger deposit may not always be a smart move. However, if you don’t get any prepayment at all, you may not be ready to have a home. Why? Because expenses like mortgages, taxes, and insurance are just the beginning. Inevitably, there are maintenance and repair costs that can easily turn the house into a money pit.

3. Make a list of your needs, non-negotiable items, and good things

The reason for buying your North Star home is the decision to buy. If you are looking to invest in real estate, maisonettes might be the right choice for you.

If you decide to turn to an older parent or support system when starting a family, consider a cheaper apartment or holiday home.

4. Be confident when you make an offer

You should never make an offer to buy a home unless you are 100% committed – otherwise, you run the risk of losing your actual down payment, also known as a “goodwill deposit”. Offering this money to the owner shows that you are serious about the offer.


The down payment is usually 1 to 3% of the total value of your mortgage and is included in the down payment. If you sell for a reason not mentioned in your letter of offer, you will lose your serious financial investment.

5. Stick to your budget

Your reason for buying a home is likely to be emotional. You might want to feel safe, express yourself through your home, or take a look at your preferred lifestyle. Many homebuyers invest heavily in their home for the first time and find that they cannot get a loan or that there are major problems. 

Don’t overrun your household budget, even if you think it’s great, and make sure you have enough money to fix or renovate. The right home is right for you, so keep looking until you find a home that fits your budget and list.

6. Do you need to take out a 30-year mortgage? 

Most home buyers want to get a 30-year mortgage for the first time. Shorter mortgage terms are usually more expensive. But I also know that shorter-term mortgages can save you interest and pay off your mortgage faster.

I can tell you that I’m not a huge fan of getting your mortgage paid off quickly. Trump’s tax plan makes the election easier. Don’t look for a short-term mortgage unless you have enough savings for your various financial purposes.

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