Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

things we should never search on google Google used to search for the most people. People who trust that will get nowhere, he’ll get on Google. However, when you search, you have little thought about what we are searching for. Before you search for Google, you know what to search for and what not to do. It’s nice not to search these five things on Google. Even if you search for these five things, you can get trapped in difficulties. Let us tell you what are 5 things … 1 Identity:1 Do not search for forgetting to know your identity while searching on Google. Because Google has a full database of your search history, searching for more frequently is prone to leaks. Hackers remain in the same wait to find out which things to hack them easily. 2: Suspicious thing: Often on Google, people search for something that they do not make any sense but just do it for the sake of watching, do not search such suspicious or suspicious things. Because, cyber cell is often seen only on people who try to find something suspicious. In such a situation, you can get into troub le. In the cases of cyber cell, there is a provision for jail sentence. 3: E-mail: Avoid even searching personal email login on Google. If you do not do this, your account hack and password may be leaked. According to a study, the most hacking cases in the world are e-mails  hacking . Several of its complaints are also registered in cyber cell. 4: Medicines: If you search on Google about illness and medicine then you should also avoid it. Because the search data is transferred to a third party. After that, you are shown ads related to the disease and its treatment continuously   5. Advertising: Google should never detect any information related to insecurity. If you do this, then the related ads start coming to you. From which you can know that someone is following you on the Internet. If you do not want ads related to insecurity to disturb you, then avoid this search. 6:crime: Why crime information is always sighted by the cyber police, who always search the information on Google This can send you to jail. Nowadays, due to the terrorist incidents, police around the world monitor this kind activity so never search such this things on google,    ]]>

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