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The popularity of ride-sharing applications is not lost on major businesses that want to save some extra cash while staying intelligent with their services. This is why corporate giants like Amazon are exploiting this domain. Much like ride-sharing, Amazon Flex allows anyone to register with them and deliver packages. It’s a good initiative, especially for locals who want to earn a bit extra. However, you might want to get Amazon Flex insurance coverage to safe keep the products and protect you from any financial damages after an accident. Although drivers are registered after extensive scrutiny, there is always a chance that a careless driver or a poorly maintained vehicle can lead to dangerous situations. In such cases, you can seek compensation for the damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of Amazon truck accident lawyers.

This post will walk you through the six essential details of Amazon’s Flex Insurance.

Amazon Flex Insurance Requirements

The fundamental insurance requirement for an Amazon Flex policy is that the product must be picked up or delivered for the insurance to take effect. Another condition for Amazon Flex insurance is a personal vehicle insurance policy. Additionally, to qualify for damages worth $50,000, your insurance policy must include comprehensive/collision coverage. Also, if an accident occurs during your delivery, Amazon’s coverage will not protect them.

Auto Liability Protection

Auto liability insurance from Amazon offers optional comprehensive, collision, uninsured, and underinsured motorist coverage. The company requires you to have personal car insurance so you can drive when you’re not working. Although Amazon offers insurance coverage when you deliver products for the company, you may want additional insurance coverage if you are using a leased vehicle. 

Commercial Insurance Policy

Commercial insurance coverage is essential for self-employed delivery drivers. The rules for commercial vehicle insurance and regular one are very different. As soon as you use your house car for any commercial purposes, it’s advisable to get a commercial insurance policy. It will protect you against financial damages in case you suffer an accident while working. 

Public liability coverage is one of the commercial insurance features you will not find in your typical Social, Household, and Pleasure (SD&P) personal vehicle insurance policy. It protects you in case of an accident when you hurt someone or damage their property.

Uninsured and Insured Drivers

When driving for Amazon, you are protected from uninsured and underinsured drivers. You are eligible for $1,000,000 in coverage as long as you are actively delivering or picking up goods for Amazon at the time of the incident. This policy covers both medical expenses and car damages.

Amazon Flex Rules 

Your car must be medium or broader and should at least have five seats to qualify for delivery via Amazon Flex. Closed-bed vans and pickup trucks are exceptions, as they have closed spaces that protect the packages from harsh environmental elements.

Carry a Passenger

When delivering for Amazon, you are allowed to carry a passenger or pet as long as you follow the following guidelines:

  1. Your passengers must remain in the car when you pick up a delivery from an Amazon Logistics location.
  2. When you pick up from Amazon Fresh or other retail locations, your passengers will not be allowed access to delivery stations or restricted pick-up zones inside stores.
  3. All luggage, passengers, or pets must fit securely in your car, along with all other requirements.
  4. Pets and passengers are not allowed to engage with customers except service animals. 
  5. When using Amazon Flex to transport packages, passengers can’t drive.

Some car insurance companies may have different policies, so make sure you have all the coverage details before you get behind the wheel.

Amazon flex insurance might be a hard term for beginners to understand. You might be confused about what to do following an Amazon delivery truck accident. It is best to let lawyers help you instead of trying to handle it yourself. The lawyers will have the necessary tools to help you.  

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