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SMS Marketing

In today’s world, branded text messages are the most effective means to capture people’s interest in your company or brand by simply giving them relevant information about your products and services. It’s an easier and more cost-effective method to advertise your business to create it more prominent and successful. However, one thing that most companies fail to see is that a branded SMS is not only beneficial in terms of communication and promotion but also as a strong strategic move. The success of your business depends on how it is advertised through SMS. Read on to find out some of the advantages of using SMS to further strengthen your company’s position:

Branding: Branding is everything about who you are and what you do. It’s what makes you different from your competitors. You get to differentiate yourself from the existing crowd and create a different image that people can relate to. A well-placed SMS can instantly create this kind of image by giving your consumers a brief overview of your products and services. A well-placed message in an SMS marketing campaign can help you create awareness among the consumers about your products. A better response rate will only come once you’ve created this good brand image.

Advantages of Branding: Another advantage of using SMS as a marketing tool lies in the fact that your customers would easily remember you and would get your promotional efforts to stay in their minds for a longer period of time. People tend to brand themselves and become associated with certain brands or products. With an SMS campaign, you can effectively brand your company and help it to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. In fact, studies have shown that there is a greater chance for a customer to remember a name than a number or other promotional means. Hence, a well-placed SMS in your SMS campaign can help you to brand your product and help it to gain maximum exposure. Apart from the fact that an SMS is a quicker way of conveying your message, it also has a minimum cost attached to it.

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Open Rate: When it comes to email marketing campaigns, the open rate is the most important metric that determines whether or not you’re getting your messages across. A high open rate means that your customers are opening your messages and listening to you on the phone. In email marketing campaigns, open rates are usually very low because there is not a need to create an autoresponder in this form of advertising. But with an SMS campaign, you get to promote yourself and make a personal connection with the consumer.

Brand Recognition: One more advantage of having your own SMS brand is that you can easily make use of it for brand recognition. SMS can be sent to a large number of people and you get to build a name for your company among these numbers. You can also start your own SMS brand association where you can share information about the SMS services and features with a large number of people. The idea is to get as many consumers as possible to know about your SMS service. This will make you known among the masses. Even small organizations can benefit from this strategy when they have an association with a large number of consumers.

Effective Use of social media: Unlike email marketing campaigns, which tend to get filtered by spam filters, Branded SMS can easily be seen by a large number of people because they are able to receive alerts through their cell phones. This is because of the rising popularity of mobile communication. With a large number of users accessing the internet via their phones, it makes sense that an SMS would come in handy in times of emergencies or other emergency situations.

Branding your products and services using SMS has a number of advantages over other traditional modes of advertising. Not only are you able to personalize your SMS campaigns but you also send personalized SMS to customers, prospects, employees, and partners. Branding using SMS is like you are having a face-to-face meeting every time your customer sends you a message. It’s an interactive way of communicating with your potential customers.

You can personalize your Branded SMS and create your own unique brand. For example, you can use the names of your brands, product names, your brand images, or even your company’s logo. SMS service providers who provide SMS services also offer SMS integration features that allow you to integrate your company’s brand with other SMS service providers like iKobo, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, and Microsoft. This allows your users to exchange SMS messages in the form of links, ads, or any other form of content.

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