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If you go to a concert, you will find some strange phenomena. You may be curious and embarrassed to ask some questions, Let me answer these questions now, so that you can “get it all right” next time you go to a concert. Of course, if you want to enjoy symphony offline, you can also search “symphony” on youtube, and use flvto youtube to mp3 to download it. Here are the strange phenomena in symphony:

1.  Why don’t the musicians memorize the scores after they are on stage?

Symphony works are generally very long and complicated, so it is not realistic for musicians to memorize scores when performing.

Maybe they can memorize their solo part very fluently, but in the ensemble, they must also consider the coordination with other instruments. Sometimes he can’t be idle when he is not playing, and he has to look at the number of bars in the score and enter at the exact time.

Although the conductor will give a reminder gesture, you must be prepared in advance!

2. Why doesn’t the “needle” of the cello stick directly to the ground?

At the bottom of the cello there is a telescopic metal rod, which serves as a fixed position.

However, nowadays, the floor of many venues is too smooth, and the violin is unstable if the player moves too much. Therefore, there is a stabilization belt, which is used like the picture above.

3. Why should the instrument layout be like this?

This question is somewhat professional, and it involves symphony orchestra organization theory.

Overall, it must be for the best acoustics. Sometimes the number of instruments will change, which is related to the composer’s orchestration method.

4. If someone makes a mistake in the ensemble or plays the wrong sound, will the conductor know?

Of course! The conductor’s ears are not as powerful as most people imagine, and the musicians would never want to “fish in troubled waters” in the ensemble. The slight deviation in pitch may not be noticed by the audience, but it is very “piercing” in the conductor’s ears.

If the wind “bubble” (broken sound) by mistake, not only the conductor will know, but the audience will laugh.

5. Why do some musicians miss him for a long time? Seems to be falling asleep

This is a large player who can’t play a single note for ten thousand years! In fact, it depends on whether the work gives the instrument melody.

Sometimes, a tuba player may not play a single note after waiting for 45 minutes. While waiting, he may be counting the number of bars with his eyes closed, and some eyes don’t know where to look. So they closed their eyes.

The important thing is that in the process of rest, they have to brew the emotion of the next stage of performance and count the number of bars accurately. This is not easy.

6. Why do violinists and violinists add a piece of white cloth on their shoulders?

The viola and viola have a high chance of playing in a symphony. They are played almost the whole time. Long-term contact between the neck and the body will scratch the skin, and some people may also have allergic reactions. This white cloth solves it well.

Therefore, some Chinese and violin players came to the stage with white cloth, but changing to black might suit the clothes better.

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