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The world of essential oils is quite vast! You can find a wealth of information on the Internet on how essential oils work wonders to alleviate stress, anxiety, cold symptoms, etc.

However, there is also a lot of misinformation on the web around the use of essential oils.

If such myths are stopping you from reaping the benefits of these wonderful oils, keep reading! Here, we are going to unveil the seven most widespread myths surrounding them-

You Need To Collect Several Essential Oils To Get Started

No matter the company, many essential oil starter kits include 6-10 essential oils. These kits may cost you hundreds of dollars. If you prefer to go with more oils or add essential oil blends to your kit, the cost goes up!


But, the price and learning curve on these kits prevent many of the beginners from using the oils.

However, you don’t need an extensive collection of essential oils to kick-start your journey. Start with the one you think would meet your requirements.

You Can Use The Essential Oil Undiluted As Long As It Is Pure

Essential oils are concentrated and should be used carefully. This is why it’s recommended to use only a drop or two of essential oils and mix them in the carrier oil. Even the purest of the essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oils before you use them, or they may trigger allergic symptoms.

Only Specific Oils Or Blends Can Treat Certain Conditions

Suppose you catch a common cold or cough. People will recommend you taking specific teas, foods, or engaging in specific activities to get better. However, your health condition is different from theirs!


Remember, there are several different paths to wellness. So, when you prepare any essential oil blend or recipe, take into account individual health conditions.


Essential Oils Won’t Expire

Essential oils do have an expiration date or shelf life! Some of the essential oils last longer than the others, while others get better with age. The best thing is, you can use them as cleaning oils after they have expired.

Furthermore, some oils get oxidized with time and need to be thrown out. Use your senses to detect the oxidizing signs in the oil. You can talk to an aromatherapist or browse on the web to gain knowledge on how to determine if the essential oil is viable.

For Any Health Concern, Use Essential Oils First

When it comes to natural remedies for health concerns, essential oils are an ideal choice. But they aren’t always the right choice! They aren’t a miraculous pill for every ill!

It depends upon the individuals and their specific health conditions. It’s crucial to know the root cause of the ailment first and then look for ways to treat it.


For example, if you use essential oils to normalize the high blood pressure, but refuse to give up eating fast food or gulping soda, they aren’t going to do any good!


Essential Oils Are Good For Physical Conditions Only

You are already aware that aromatherapy is recognized as a natural heal for several health conditions. Essential oils do much more than alleviating the physical symptoms.

Human is a complex being with mind, body, emotions, and spirit. And, essential oils help balance human beings on all these levels! Once you start feeling the benefits of essential oils, you won’t look back. You’ll experience the transformation yourself.

To Sum Up

The use of essential oils doesn’t have to be a mess of half misconceptions or half-truths. Steer clear of any myths surrounding them, and look for better information. This will help you know what to believe and what to ignore.

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